Posted by | September 12th, 2017


How many times do models get a voice? While there’s certainly been an influx of models speaking up about their experiences in the industry, rarely do you get to hear their intimate tellings. teamed up with Kloss Films to give these talents the chance to be open, get personal, and even get a bit silly. With stories of growing up confused or feeling defeated, tales of overcoming and triumph, our cast shows that there can be strength in vulnerability.

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6 Comments to “ Open Mic”

  1. Kimberly Dormeus says:

    Where do I start

  2. Carmen Anastasia Casado García says:

    Me apasiona el mundo de la moda

  3. Diana says:

    I’d like to work it

  4. Diana says:

    Tell me when & wear

  5. Marien says:

    I want in

  6. what are the entry requirements there?

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