Posted by | September 8th, 2017

The S/S 18 runways have brought with them an abundance of fantastic faces and soon-to-be favorites to pick from. In fact, more than ever before–a casting director’s dream! The fifth “Confirmed” go-see series features 63 girls who stood out from the lot during our bi-annual mega go-see. From here they’ll go on to stand out on the runways. Some you’ll recognize as practiced showgirls and some have yet to walk off their newbie status. Past Confirmed features have signed-in models before they were climbing rank like Greta Varlese, Alanna Arrington, Kiki Willems, Sora Choi, Marjan Jonkman, Lia Pavlova, Ellen Rosa, Luna Bijl, Cara Taylor and Grace Elizabeth. So odds are there are more than a few top model material girls in the latest mix.

Here they are unadorned and before the hype:

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3 Comments to “CONFIRMED: NYFW S/S 18”

  1. double m-by miguel says:

    Sija, Angok, Lucan, Shanelle, Aira, Oumie, my favorite new faces in this list.

  2. Danae Garcia says:

    Incredible, very beautiful, Ashley, Haronid, Carson, Milena, all my favorites.

  3. Jessica says:

    Where’s Eris Shaver? She is signed with next models…amazing!