Posted by Irene Ojo-Felix | February 14th, 2017

Portrait of a designer

Prabal Gurung

“The future is female.” Far from an unheard phrase, designer Prabal Gurung seems adamant that fashion should continue to take part in the global conversation on feminism, now more than ever before. In this exclusive video by Kloss Films, we get a rare glimpse into the designer’s world as he preps for his decadently colorful Fall 2017 collection.

A video by Kloss Films

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3 Comments to “Portrait of a Designer: Prabal Gurung”

  1. tenzin says:

    Prabal Gurung is such an inspiration to me. His work in the fashion scene makes me want to start modeling. But as a guy it seems hard to start off, especially from Canada…….. i’ll try my best tho !! <3

  2. ST says:

    The t-shirts are almost a direct copy of Maria Grazia Chiuri’s t-shirts at Dior last season…

    • Fendo says:

      OMG YES! It’s totally a direct copy, a political statement to gain attention and take advantage of sale.