Arlenis: Illuminated Beauty

Posted by wayne | June 20th, 2008

What is it about a girl who within a week of her start as a model finds herself lensing shoots with Meisel, Testino and Norman Jean Roy for clients like US and Italian Vogue. What is about Marilyn‘s new sensation Arlenis Sosa that prompts Oscar de la Renta, who with one glance decides he must dress her for the Met Costume Ball and seat her at his table? Apart from that shimmering skin and lithe, beautiful body it is the sheer unadulterated joy that beams from this girl that makes her such a rare, rare model. See for yourself in this exclusive video for MDX where Arlenis gives off a transcendent beauty !

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Arlenis, Michael Kors and Kristen Davis of Sex and the City at the Met Ball. pic courtesy of Marilyn Model Mgmt

33 Comments to “Arlenis: Illuminated Beauty”

  1. DooDiva says:

    No wonder, most clients like her right away! Also, I like her biggest, shining, and whitiest teeth!!

  2. DidiDiva says:

    Arlenis is such a doll. I was left wanting to hear more from her. I hope there’s a part two coming. Seriously.

  3. lovearlenis says:

    So cool. But toward the end when he asks her if she thought about modeling, Arlenis says in Spanish that her priority was “Studying, studying, studying” and that she never had anything to do with modeling and the translatior translates that as “she never saw a fashion magazine”. LMAO, that’s not what she said at all. Good job!

  4. brenda says:

    i Sooooo <3 her!!!

    i love her spanish

  5. brenda says:

    que maravilla es, y muy brillante!

  6. Tony says:

    shes sooooooo adorable god i love her!

  7. Seyi says:

    she is good but she needs longer hair would be perfect

  8. JasonKanner says:

    Oh my god, this girl is gorgeous

  9. raiee says:

    she kinda reminds me of fatima from ANTM
    arlenis is stunning :]

  10. funky says:

    I think she’s brilliant and she’s got the most charming smile ever, PRETTY

  11. olivia says:

    una muneca de verdad!!

  12. smartarse says:

    She’s got the elegance, poise, incredible bone structure and the overall package of a high fashion model that graced the catwalk of yesteryear.

    Arlenis’s epitomizes what was once old , new again.

    Love this girl!

  13. smartarse says:

    I just love a girl who has no knowledge of modeling and fashion becomes so successful. Arlenis is one of them in a short, short list of successes in this industry.

    Arlenis has stamped her mark, that’s for sure. Her future is bright. Just stay grounded, she’ll be alright.


  14. TT says:

    She is such a doll!! I love her.

  15. stephanie says:

    Hey! I really like her.I’m half dominican and It’s nice to see such a beauty heading towards the modeling career,I really like her way of being most girls that grew up their are very open and nonshy unlike me,so that’s always good! 😀
    Best of luck to her!

  16. miss_a says:

    Vamo, Arlenis! So proud a fellow Dominican is getting her shine.

  17. Baby Clyde says:

    Arlenis is gorgeous. Love her. But the real new girl to watch out for is Rahma @ IMG. She’ll be debuting in NYC next month.

    Be Afraid!!!

  18. A.Rabbi says:


  19. Nikkei-Girl says:

    I know Arlenis for a long time. We went to school together, and well, all I can say about her is just a single word: Perseverance.

    She comes from a very poor family in the northern part of the Dominican Republic. Now, she’s living her own Princess Story.

    I’m so happy for her, and I’m pretty sure she’ll succeed in her new career. Keep on Arlenis. BReak a leg!

  20. MemoPlus says:

    Wow! cuanta sencille, humilda, serenidad,, y dominicanidad hay en esa morenita, pa alante y que sigas triunfando.

  21. ISABEL says:

    arlenisssssssssss!!! no lo puedo creer, desde pequena cuando estavamos donde la doña en esperanza siempre te dige arlenis tu vas a ser modelo, viste!!!!! soy tu prima!! te felicito y me alegro muucho y naaada pa lante. love!!! isabel guzman.

  22. ISABEL says:

    y les digo a toodos ahora es famosa y aun asi sigue siendo sencilla y la misma de siempre. estoy muyy orgullosa de ti arlenis!!!!

  23. euclides says:

    hi arlenis como estas soy euclides te ves espectacular en la foto con Michael Kors and Kristen Davis cuidate mucho bye copey esta contigo.

  24. arlenis cuidate mucho y te queremos aqui en DOMINICANA haz lo que tenga que hacer y siempre bien y recuerda haz el bien y no mire a quien y que dios te bendiga MORENITA BELLA.

    att juan gabriel hidalgo


  26. Osaliki says:

    She’s super gorgeous and funny and knows how to handle herself pretty well but whoever setup this interview didn’t really know about angles or didn’t pay attention to it…the translator was on her extreme right side and it felt a bit uncomfortable that in every question she had to look that way. Again She was phenomenal…

  27. katherinne y lissette says:

    hola arlenis te deseamos mucho exitos en la vida y que el señor te proteja son los deseos de katherinne y lisette

  28. katherinne y lissette says:

    las hijas de rodolfo sobrina de giovanny de copey

  29. Jaiel Perez says:

    Un Orgullo Dominicano.. Dominicans stand up!

  30. muchas cosa negativa de mi pais pero ay mas positiva y arlenis es 1 de ellas

  31. yo espero ver mas domicanas en la misma posicion ay mucho talento en la r dominicana

  32. para nosotros los dominicanos tu heres 1 orgullo. trabajando duro con mucho respeto y mucho orgullo del bueno

  33. Liliana Betances says:

    por fin una muchacha gue si se merece estar hasta donde has llegado te felizito mucho nuca cabie