A Fendi Fantasy

Posted by janelle | February 24th, 2012

A Fendi Fantasy

La Lagerfeld stages Milan’s biggest spectacle with an eye-popping collection that merges historial references with today’s tech obsessed take on futurism. Kloss London takes you behind the scenes and into the world of one of the industry’s premier designers in this exclusive video – only in MDX.

Casting: Kannon Rajah
Makeup: Peter Philips
Hair: Sam McKnight

A models.com video by Kloss London
Music: Alpines

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19 Comments to “A Fendi Fantasy”

  1. Flower D says:


  2. Taisa Sarang says:

    So amazingly gorgeous! <3

  3. Melodie says:

    Love love love. Xiao Wen is so cute and she’s practicing her English on her phone, Jourdan/Cara are a silly duo as usual (miss Karlie though!), Natasha gets flirt, and Daphne is so cute as usual! I want to try and make GIFs… Kloss London is awesome! I always think they’re related to Karlie haha.

  4. Melodie says:

    … And the clothes are great too of course. So elegant, fantasy is right. Lots of respect for models and everyone backstage. They are always working, working, working.

  5. AGENT D says:

    OH!! Someone flash the camera with their breast at the end!!

  6. HISLENS says:

    Such an amazing video! All the models looked stunning at Fendi.

  7. anya says:

    Cara Delevengne, Jourdan, Lily and Xiao Wen are captivating #beauty

  8. Ministry Madam says:

    love the music

  9. Helena Bickley says:

    Love Cara!:Dxxx

  10. bamboo banga says:

    Natasha’s flashing boobs at 1.34!

  11. lowenzahn says:

    haha I think it was Natasha Poly who flashed the camera; though it looked like she was just hot and wanted to take the jacket off…. rather than showing the camera her breasts

  12. Tessa Nie says:

    gorgeous! run Xiaowen run !

  13. Erik says:

    Best cast of the week! Together with Jil Sander that is.

  14. RobLopster says:

    I wonder what Patricia van der Vliet was pointing at towards the end.

  15. Love this video! Hair & Make-up is sooo cool!

  16. Sibille says:

    Ok, Cara’s opening is so great, she’s adorable!! Amazing to see Lilly here, and Bette is awesome! actually they all are the best, perfect show!