Chanel F/W 2012

Posted by Stephan Moskovic | March 7th, 2012

Chanel Fall/Winter 2012

Karl Lagerfeld doesn’t do anything by halves, so when he tackles crystals for fall you can bet it will be done in a big way. Chanel‘s seasonal extravaganza transformed the Grand Palais into a petrologist’s dream, with larger than life faux crystals decorating every surface. On the runway models were draped in layers of vibrant hues, with razor sharp cuts meant to mimic the shape of all those gorgeous stones. Tiny gems and moonstones even adorned some of those signature Chanel tweeds. This was hard rock, the Chanel way – which means the merger of classicism and modernity, with a focus on youth. No, we don’t mean Brad Kroenig’s adorable son, Hudson making his way down the Chanel runway – though surely that was a highlight. Lagerfeld has always found ways of infusing newness into his designs and that was especially true in this festive and beautiful collection.

Makeup: Peter Philips
Hair: Sam McKnight

Photos: Stephan Moskovic
Text: Janelle Okwodu

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42 Comments to “Chanel F/W 2012”

  1. V. says:

    Where are Freja, Abbey, Sasha, Natasha, Karlie, Jac, Tati? 🙁

  2. Rjay Caballero says:

    Where's daphne :((.

  3. so much to choose from so lil time, I kinda want to try my own hand at this concept to see what I get nice!

  4. themaxwhite says:

    68 looks.. You’re trying too hard?

  5. neuboi says:

    they skipped montana’s look. *smh*
    i miss freja! 🙁

  6. Nigel S. says:

    The collection is beyond astonishing. Collectively, one of the very best ready-to-wear showings that Karl has produced to date. He certainly bridged the slight gap between his unparalleled artistry and a lifestyle-centric approach which has not been seen in Chanel to this brilliant extent.

    Words cannot describe the emotional/visual sensation it is to see these lavishly designed, separate pieces which are so suitable for regular wear (albeit ultra high style) – as we have come to expect from other top-billed houses.
    Wonderful for Chanel to extend the wardrobe in such a realistic manner. The incredible coats, dresses, blouses, knitwear, shoes et al. This type of collection crafts Chanel yet another masterful vision.

    Everyone knew the show was about to get serious precisely the moment Bianca Balti stepped out in that mixed confection.

    Karl knows exactly what he is doing – always has. It is usually better to try hard and succeed beyond your efforts than to not try at all. Karl would not be where he is today had he not. Karl haters be gone! You’ll never do it like him.

  7. Riba Cardoso says:

    Too many "references" to other well-known designers….Where's Chanel??? The tweeds??? I love Lagerfeld, but there's nothing new here apart from the purple crystal scenario.

  8. Natcha Sim says:

    Liu Wen Perfect!
    Tao Okamoto :3.

  9. estoi de acuerdo con Riba , no veo nada remotamente nuevo, aun asi sigo adorando a lagerfeld

  10. jake says:

    hate everything about arizone muse. i know this probably wont be published but she is so unspectacular it hurts.

  11. tutta un'altra prospettiva… ^_^

  12. Shaya says:

    JoAn ….

  13. Bruce Edwin says:

    So easy for one to criticize in a few second blog…so much more difficult to come even close to the fraction of greatness that is Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld. Lagerfeld is a genius and an icon and this collection and show is nothing short of brilliance and beauty in every way.

  14. Miss-d Om says:

    hate it! chanels is about it's chic minimalist simplicity these look dowdy and unorigional- sorry chanel you've defo missed the mark with this entire collection- coco wouldn't be impressed.

  15. modellobello says:


  16. Bertrand says:

    love the idea, the models, the whole vibe of the show was just spectacular and breathtaking. LOVE Chanel anyways 😉

  17. hester says:

    where’s Freja??

  18. xuexu says:

    Amazing Liu Wen!!

  19. Leila Ligougne says:

    As always, love your photos Stephane!

  20. Sasa says:

    Flippin’ trippin’

  21. GC says:

    Nice set, damm awful clothes, most look like they came from a period movie about the holocaust! the rest are blah! With the exception of the asymetrical cut on the Asian girl, wow!

  22. MG-Zeta says:

    oh lady gaga….I love these girls….!!!! dun forget our King Karl….amazing….!!!!!! kisses!!!!

  23. Isadora Barros says:

    I like it, in general, but this is DEFINETELY NOT chanel. I really can't see the original concept of the brand in the middle of all this metallic stuff.

  24. Nigel S. says:

    It’s simple – If you would have listened to the interviews that Karl has given over these many years which he has often discussed the aesthetic trajectory and evolution of the house – it would all makes sense.

    Obviously none of you “this is not Chanel” set have done thus are equally not at liberty to claim that this is not Chanel.
    Coco Chanel was about more than pushing a tweed coat. She was a visionaire of direction, artistic liscense, innovation; a purveyor of futurism.

    The collections which Karl has produced for Chanel, over all of these wonderful years, have always been in essence of Chanel. One cannot continously send a never ending reinterpration a 1934 (for instance) collection down todays runway.

    Karl has often stated that for each collection, he tries to imagine what Coco would have been influenced by and subsequently produce if she were alive and designing. And of course he is an individual with his own inclinations. Karl has done more for the house of Chanel than any designer whom inherited a brand.


  25. Nigel S. says:

    * a never ending reinterpretation of a 1934 collecteion (for instance)*

  26. Warren Rene O says:

    love it!!!!!

  27. Kingcy Wei says:

    Where is Freja!!Who can tell me!!How is her now!!

  28. Alice says:

    I miss Freja so much!!!

  29. Tom says:

    Overall, that was a very sad show. The clothing, while lovely fabric overall, was unable to transcend the dull looks each model possessed or even stimulate enough the “shiny object” syndrome. Few models rose to the challenge of the clothing and the finalization of a French ponytail and crystallized eyebrows.

  30. Giselle Alie says:

    looks like an amazing show! very unusual clothes makeup and styling for channel but interesting to see.

  31. jack says:

    amazing!!Liu Wen

  32. kara says:

    velvet trousers so cool!!

  33. Yongqiong Wang says:

    love liu wen

  34. LuxeInACity says:

    Love this runway show. You got to be impressed by the amount of work involved to create such a masterpiece.

  35. Spectacular show.. Dazzling Fall crystal..

  36. 許薇塔 says:

    Like ^^

  37. joker x says:

    i miss freja sooooooo much!!
    where is her??

  38. gantuya says:

    lui wen very nice collection