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What was the story when it came to models in the year 2009? As we came to the end of a tumultuous decade, one thing was clear… being the instant sensation of the moment is no longer the headline. Sustaining a long and consistent career as an exciting and inspiring model is the new directive for a new decade and from OTM’s scan of the last 12 months these were the 10 girls who generated the biggest stories of the year.


Lara Stone


Vogue Paris September 2009, Ph. Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

There was no model story this year bigger than the Lara Stone chronicles. From chameleon covers of Vogue Paris, W, Love, ID, US and British Vogue to the big clinch that was the Louis Vuitton Spring 2010 ad, Lara borders now on the status of cultural sensation. And how that is needed!

Natasha Poly


Vogue Russia March 2009, Ph. Alasdair McLellan

Her career is a blueprint of immaculate management and while Natasha Poly has always garnered the campaigns, editorials and cover support of the Vogue Paris/Inez and Vinoodh axis, 2009 was the year that Meisel muscle opened up the pages of Vogue Italia and US Vogue to one of the most flawless models of recent times. Scary thing is, this girl hasn’t even reached her peak. Much more to come.


Karlie Kloss


Dior S/S 2010, Ph.Steven Meisel

In the September 2009 issue of US Vogue, Miss Kloss got a glowing testimonial that made her the envy of her peers. In a landscape where new models were being disposed of at a record rate, Karlie Kloss moved in the opposite direction towards stardom. With power brands like Dior and Chloe already signing on this quintessential newcomer, it is clear that Karlie faces a well paved road towards long lasting success. And is January’s Vogue Italia cover not the defining proof of that?

Iris Strubegger


Vogue Paris March 2009, Ph. Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

Celebrities may have dwindled the revenue streams when it comes to fragrance and cosmetic advertising but for fashion that looks like fashion, the models still reign supreme. For that purpose Iris Strubegger provided the market with capital “F” fashion value. From the moment the industry glimpsed her March 2009 Vogue Paris cover followed up by her stunning Patrick Demarchelier portrait in the July 2009 issue of US Vogue the message was powerfully transmitted that only a truly striking model has that malleable quality that fashion photography needs to stay creative. As her presence in the Fall Valentino and Givenchy ads proves, true elegance is not to be argued with.

Abbey Lee Kershaw


Gucci Flora Fragrance, Ph. Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin

2009 was the year Abbey Lee unleashed her inner super-model and flounced, flaunted and flourished her way through a raft of incredible bookings. Her presence was so alive this year on the runways that even critics not known for their model watching (that would be Cathy Horyn) chose to name check her. Through all her swirling and twirling for Gucci Flora, her frolicking at this year’s VS extravaganza and her tongue-in-cheek poses in December’s Vogue Italia Twitter story, it’s good to see a girl having fun with her job.

Jac Jagaciak


Calvin Klein S/S 09, Ph. David Sims

Instant success stories are frequently not that instant. But in the case of IMG’s sensational Jac, it is just that. Consider the narrative. Newcomer hits New York in February untethered to any exclusive. Jac then opens Calvin, captivating the team all the way to the Fall campaign. The beautiful thing about this young girl’s management is that everybody is taking their time. The select few bookings, the space to grow into something formidable… with such judicious development Jac Jagaciak is positioned to be a vital model for the new decade.


Dree Hemingway


Gianfranco Ferre S/S 2010, Ph. Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin

Jan 13th 2009. Dree visits the MDC offices and turns a standard go-see into a entertaining moment of show and tell (as seen on MDX). Cut to a year later and this ferociously ambitious young model has a Fall Gucci gig as well as three Spring campaigns under her belt (Valentino, Gaultier, Ferré) as well as a super-sized raft of editorials in V, W, Love, Purple, ID, Vogue Paris, as well as US/British/ Russian Vogue. It is a new decade and new ideal and all these signals are pulsing that the industry needs the kind of frisson Miss Hemingway brings to the set.

Liu Wen


Vogue China October 2009, Ph. Kai Z Feng

The Collections runways from New York through to Paris are the great proving ground of new talent. Given the excess amount of shows and the excess amount of girls, show castings have truly become a free for all. But there is a certain kind of girl who emerges from that runway frenzy with a career and Liu Wen is the case point of that ideal. Her brand of runway perfection allows her to bridge clients as far ranging as Balenciaga and Victoria’s Secret. With her editorial and campaign potential only beginning to crackle, expect a Liu Wen super-nova in 2010.

Lyndsey Scott


Discovered via the MODELS.com scouting service, Lyndsey Scott broke through during the Fall 2009 shows as a Calvin Klein exclusive then followed through on that audacious start with a berth in the Prada Spring 2010 runway line-up. As her campaign work (for DKNY and Baby Phat) starts to glimmer against the build-up of her edits for W Magazine look for Lyndsey to hit the blue chip grid full-scale this year.

Tao Okamoto


Vogue Nippon November 2009, Ph. Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin

Tao Okomoto’s landmark Japanese Vogue November 2009 cover was one of the big, big stories of 2009, bolstered as it were by her spots in the Fall campaign for Ralph Lauren. Add to that the consistent support of Vogue Paris, as well the constant bookings from independent magazines like Dazed & Confused, Another, ID and V and brick by brick, Tao’s case for longevity is being filled in. Fixture not fad…. that is the mantra this year!

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  1. Samira says:

    The definitely best thing in 2009 was Jac in the Calvin Klein campaign. And then Iris on the Vogue Paris Cover and Tao, who has made her *full* start 2009. That were my debuts for 2009

  2. modellobello says:

    This is very true! these girls definitely are the it girls of 2009!!! they deserved to be number one on the ranking and Raquel was not at all memorable last year! lara and tao were my favorites and we need more of these blue chip-full girls and boys this year!!!!

  3. carola says:

    Not a fan of Jac, Abbey, Dree.. I don’t think they’ll be around forever, but girls like Karlie, Natasha P, Iris, they are timeless. And Lara, I wonder if she has talent for acting? I wouldn’t mind seeing her in movies, such a great face and presence.

  4. Nigel S. says:

    Spot on Wayne!
    @Modello, Raquel produced some fantastic work. She certainly isn’t new, so perhaps that played a part in your judgement. She had a massive year. Amazing that she manages to look so pristine after clocking such mileage!

    Will there be a MDC list of 09’s top 10 guys?

  5. Louise says:

    GO ABBEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Oshcar says:

    Huge fan of Lara and Natasha. So different yet so incredibly beautiful in their distinct ways. They are what made 2009 fashion magazines memorable to me. And Anja Rubik but she didn’t quite make the list.

  7. Gaby says:

    IM so excited for Liu Wen and Tao!

  8. max says:

    woah!! wheres jourdan dunn?

  9. Jasmin says:

    woow, i love this pics!

  10. Mary says:

    What ´bout Anja ???
    She was amazing in all her campaigns , she rock the Gucci Prefall ,Giuseppe Zanotti , Armani Code , Balmain , Etro ..etc
    And the magazines were awesome too..Vogue Germany,Numero etc..
    Not Fair she didn´t make the list..

  11. victor lopez says:

    About the black girl i think ARLENIS SOSA because arlenis work alot more like lindsey scott arlenis have alot shoot cover and campaing

  12. Rodney says:

    Mary i think this list is about the girls who were most hyped last year and that we can expect to see big things from in 2010. Anja ALWAYS does well, i think that’s why Raquel and others arent here

  13. alejandro says:

    I Agree!!… Where is Anja R. She is so timeless; so perfect; such a model for all times.

  14. Lasher says:

    Is all about Iris……such a modrrn face!!!I did not realise that Dree can be describe as memorable…..

  15. Nik says:

    Yes Rodney. I agree with your theory. I love the idea of this listing. Wayne, I think you hit it right on the head with these girs. I find them all very inspirational and look forward to seeing them every month. (And the reason I subscribed to Vogue US, Italia, and UK) I would DIE, to see who you all at MDC think the male models where of 2009.

  16. hamilton says:
  17. alvin says:


  18. Mango says:


  19. Mary says:

    Go Tao, Lara, Iris and Abbey!….Abbey is Beastin’ it.

  20. Daniel-An says:

    Where is Daul Kim???????????

  21. peterModelObsessed says:

    ONatasha Poly – best all around supermodel in the business. Her career is really based not on “hype” but professionalism + the best supermodel genetics + best walk in the biz and just pure hardwork! She will still be around when other girls are considered passe. ……

    I followed her career, and actually Models.Com is the very first one to launch this very very young Natasha in my consciousness. Models.Com followed her around and town during fashion week (?) And chronicled everything via her very own fashion diary video blog.

    And look where she is now!

  22. Oshcar says:

    What about Anna Jagodzinska? I would’ve thought she had an awesome year as well. She even walked for Victoria Secret. She was part of the cover page for Vogue US model’s issue as well.

  23. BAR says:

    Jamie Bochert should be in the list like a Magical Comeback, she is so unique in her beast-look…she is an opposite force who can make shine an editorial, a campaign, everything…Just look at her face in the extreme left for Gucci…Just Great.

  24. Nigel S. says:

    True..Jourdan Dunn should’ve been on this list. And/or Arlenis.

  25. Marilyn says:

    Love you Lara

  26. molly says:

    Nick Wilson from select he did burberry i won’t see more of him

  27. Joe Hsiang says:

    love u so much liuwen !!wish you every success in 2010!

  28. chance says:

    other than the first 2(always amazing btw)..glad to see some credits due for the rest…relatively new comers..love Liu and Tao. Liu in VS and Tao in Ralph Lauren..were definitely the highlights. Saw Lindsey Scott waiting for F on roosevelt island a couple of times…so beautiful, every bit a model.

  29. sunbin says:

    dree is just perfect

  30. DD says:


  31. FashiionB says:

    My favorite the first 3, but the one I think made controversy was Karlie Kloss because I felt like I saw her everywhere. She knew how to manage good and bad campaigns she truly left her mark on the buisness with her face. Other that I know made a step forward was Sasha Pivovarova but I don’t know why isn’t she here :/

  32. ff says:

    I think Costance Jablonksky deserved to be in the list, and yeah where’s anja?

  33. Oshcar says:

    I do have to admit that Iris Strubegger does look every bit a model and think she will be around for a very long time. This Vogue cover proves it and is my fave from all these pics.

  34. Ocean says:

    that dior add is beautiful

  35. JLM says:


    I love these girls, they are stunnahs.

  36. alice_wonderland says:

    can’t believe Jordan Dunn is not on the list!!!??? i think she’s one of the most stunning models in recent few seasons! I’ve liked Natasha for a long time, she’s not that beautiful but there’s sth about her that’s very appealing! i really like Lara in dark hair, suits her so much!!! Abby is cute! Liu has got a good face, but body, hm….i’m not sure about her slightly short&bowed legs and super waif frame. Daul kim has got one of the best pair of legs i’ve ever seen on Asian models…she should be on the list by lauching that huge Chanel coco coccon campaign, what a shame, sigh….R.I.P.

  37. Shanila says:

    Omgoshh…where’s jourdan dunn at hmmmm? she needs to b on this list that gurl is unstoppable and has got SUCH a natural beauty. Lindseys cool but come on now mannn….jourdan’s the ONE!

  38. Shanila says:

    Alsoo luvin ABBEY! my fave on the list! (wuldn’t b if jourdan was on it thoo)

  39. devon says:

    freja had a big year..

  40. Rodney says:

    Daniel-An says:
    at 12:38 pm Where is Daul Kim???????????

    Daniel i think you need to google Daul’s name.. She is not around anymore :(

    PS: Jourdan is not a memorable model of 2009 thats why shes not here. She was pregnant

  41. >__ says:

    yeeees jourdan should be on that list if you count the whole year …but she wasn’t really that present at s/s, of course not, she was pregnant XD she did only the jpg show if i’m not wrong, it was hilarious though seeing her big belly on the jpg runway XDD
    anyways, i guess she gave birth by now, right? let’s hope she’ll come back (huuuuuuuge) for f/w!!!!!

  42. anon says:

    @ Alice- Liu is listed lowest as 178.5 cm but Marilyn says shes 179 thats not short considering Dree is like 5’7 in reality

  43. Caro says:

    yeah, ok, nice but… WHAT ABOUT ANJA RUBIK ? isn’t she a MEMORABLE MODEL of 2009 ???

  44. Davidoff says:

    Why is that Lyndsey Scott on the list? The list only contains ten names and she should really not be one of them. I like her but she’s not major (yet). There’s loads of other girls that’s easily should have taken her place and has done so much more stuff.

  45. Nia says:

    Eniko ????

  46. Anna says:


  47. Antonio Barros says:

    Dree is amazing! But and Eniko? Anja? Freja! I miss them all! :)


  48. GP says:

    I saw Lara, Iris, Abbey and Anja in 2009 everywhere so where is Anja?
    Don’t really remember Dree, who is she? Karlie were noticed from middle of the year but she will be big in 2010.

  49. Jimena says:

    Lara Stone, Natasha Poly and Abbey Lee
    the best!

  50. A.S says:

    It’s so unfair not to see Anja here, she’s done so much this year, campaigns, editorial, covers. I believe she will everywhere next year too. This girl doesn’t stop and she deserve a place o that list. I agree with GP who is Dree to get a place, I hardly noticed her this year.

  51. hassan havier says:

    Freja & Iris


  52. royy4 says:

    my favorite is lara..love her

  53. AJP says:

    Alright I agree that Anja and Jourdan should definitely be on this list. And Eniko! She barely existed before this year and now she’s huge! Lyndsey and Jac were decent this year, but they were certainly not everywhere.

  54. Zandy Joel says:

    Abbey Lee is one awesome model. I always love her in editorials – very appealing, fantastic looks always.


  55. hope says:

    i agree with Jasmin!

  56. fanb says:

    LUI WEN!!!!

  57. ken says:

    Love Tao

  58. Morgane says:

    The best one, without any hesitation, is Lara Stone. She can be every woman. She’s a kind of gothic Brigitte Bardot, as said Ricardo Tisci. For me, she’s THE model of the XXIth century. She is a bit trash, like Kate Moss and Kristen Mc Menamy, with sexy curves. Love her.

  59. Edith says:

    wow, Lara Stone is so beautiful ! so envious !!

  60. Hema Smile says:

    ارقى المودل نايس نايس

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