Made in Brazil Magazine Preview

Posted by stephan | April 28th, 2010
Made In Brazil has long been the best resource for all things fashionably Brazilian, but with the launch of their very first print magazine they take things to the next level. No ads, no excess, just stunning photos of Brazil’s hottest boys in an incredible large format style. Evandro, Max, Thiago, all the boys are here and looking incredible, Cristiano Madureira‘s sexy and daring images present a refreshing take on male beauty and everyone can appreciate the added bonus of a little skin.

The MIB magazine doesn’t launch until May — but we have an exclusive preview of what’s to come, prepare to be titillated.

GET YOUR OWN COPY: The Made in Brazil Magazine will be coming out in a limited edition (only 1,000 copies) on May 3rd, and we have 5 copies to give away to our readers!

Do you love Brazil? Do you love male models? Can you prove it? Tell us why you should win a free copy of the Made In Brazil magazine and you just might walk away with a special edition. The five most persuasive comments will get a free copy!
Put your email address when posting a comment below and we will select the five best ones and email them. UPDATED July 9th: The winners are announced! Please contact us by July 19th.

GET YOUR OWN COPY: The Made in Brazil Magazine will be coming out in a limited edition (only 1,000 copies) on May 3rd, and we have 5 copies to give away to our readers!

Do you love Brazil? Do you love male models? Can you prove it? Tell us why you should win a free copy of the Made In Brazil magazine and you just might walk away with a special edition. The five most persuasive comments will get a free copy!
Put your email address when posting a comment below and we will select the five best ones and email them.

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  1. chungkit says:

    Wow! What a crazy, sexy, colorful shoot. Full of energy. I’m a fan!

  2. Azizi says:

    Each time that I am in the “Of The Minute” Section i visit three sites The Imagist, Fashionista, and Made In Brazil. i love made in brazil because it highlights the fashion industry in Brazil whether the models or the designers or the agencies. Brazil has set a trend with the global fashion scene and Made in Brazil is the best place to see that. Also they give you a peek into their pop culture and what interests them in Brazil. I love the way they complain whenever they don’t like a Brazilian Vogue cover, and their brutal honesty is very funny.And I like when models pose with their own handmade Made in Brazil sign.

  3. Luke says:

    When I lived in France, I met the first brazilian man I ever met in my life.
    After that, I went to my classmate the next day and said,
    “I need to learn your language now”
    and I did!
    falo portugues muito bem, and DIE for this magazine!

  4. Gesying says:

    Have Made in Brazil Magazine # 1 would be buying the printed masterpiece of male beauty of the new decade. It would be like having all those beautiful boys. A dream materialized in the paper.

  5. Sean says:

    Why do I deserve a copy of The Made In Brazil Magazine, easy, why not?! I’m from New Jersey, (aka Dirty Jersey) referred to as the armpit of the United States, where boys with slicked grease hair in disastrous style strut their stuff in tasteless Ed Hardy gear and doused in the worst cologne. Our state icons now include such revered stars as Snookie and DJ Pauly D à la Jersey Shore, who I (luckily) feel don’t represent me at all as a New Jersey male. This magazine would give me a sneak peek of what I feel I’m entitled to see, and what I deserve to see after being bombarded with orange spray tans and exploding biceps. Maybe one day, Raquel Zimmerman and Gisele Bundchen will announce that they have always had some secret ancestral links to New Jersey, but in the meantime, why not hand over the spicy goods to someone who’s “dish” is spiced with all the wrong “spices.” And yes, I <3 Brazil, and I <3 male models even more, and I’m happy to see that there’s a mesh of two of my favorite sexy things in one package.

  6. You! Me! Dancing! says:

    Just because!
    I can’t think of a better place than in between my hands (or my legs) to hold such magazine!!
    I am begging, please….!!! ;-))

  7. Aldo says:

    Hi! thats me again haha
    well i think that i have to convince you that i really want that magazine, which is not a simplr magazine. what i have to do? Talk about brazilian models, one description from them: they are H-O-T and G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S

    i really want that magazine. like i said to brag to my friends that i got that hot models haha…


  8. Veljko Gavrilovic says:

    I’m actually… not so happy and free with the fact that I… like those men… Especially Evandro ;-). It is difficult in Serbia when a man likes (Brazilian) men… So, I think it’s easier to like just Brazil (at least it’s easier to say that…). And I really like that image of the sun,the sea,the peace, the passion and that unbelievable freedom… THE SUMMER.
    But every time when I say that I LOVE Brazil it will means that I LOVE Rio, and Amazon rainforest and telenovelas and… deep in my heart Evandro, Thiago, Marlon and all those wonderful guys…

  9. Kelly says:

    1. Male models are like butter on bread. Why butter on bread? Because it’s good.

    2. If male models were sweaters, I’ll wear them on my head.

    3. Male models to me is like falling in love in June where the sky is blue like the sea.

    4. Male models are so beautiful they break girls hearts before teenage boys do.

    5. I would give up all the rice in China for a male model.

  10. Enrique says:

    Because the mix of the Brazilian flavor put in a man makes Brazilian male models be ones of the bests in the world. So I would love love love to have a Made in Brazil magazine as a tribute to all of them. Its priceless!

  11. Raheem says:

    I deserved this free edition, because I’m not Brazilian, but all my friends are. The title they have given me is Honorary Brasilian. I’m in love with the country, the food and the people. Someday, I want to retire in Recife. Por favor, eu mereco isso magazine gratis. Obrigado:P

  12. Zid says:

    Brazilians need to populate every single country in the world… Only then will the earth become a thing of absolute beauty.

  13. Zid says:

    Brazilian male models definitely should be at the forefront of making the world a better place by pairing up with every man and woman in need of some sizzling Brazilian loving.

    A printed magazine would be a great start. It feels like a promise of hope.

  14. Henrique Pedroza says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. conheco o primo de 1grau de Evandro Soldati. Logo eu mereco o debut da revista para mostra-lo. Sou tupiniquim morando aqui em Dublin na Irlanda ha 2 anos ja.. Bom, e eu como belissimo representante brazuca so nao estou nas paginas internas pela triste falta de altura.. lol

  15. Ana says:

    Brsil sil sil melhor de todos

  16. Ricardo says:

    5 reasons to I win this magazine: Fist of all I´m Brazilian (so I´m made in brazil), 2º I´m gay (so I really gonna enjoy this magazine), 3º I´m crazy about this models (specially Evandro). 4º My english is not so good but I really try hard to communicate over here. 5º Last monday was my birthday ( I can prove that with my ID).

  17. Danilo Novais says:

    First of all, I’m brazilian and I deserve it ‘cuz I know what the secret is, I know what brazilian guys have, but I do not know what these models hide, seeing them naked is the best way to find out. Second of all, this magazine would be better placed in my bedroom, where the dreams come true, and with this mag, definitely they would.

  18. JChen says:

    First of all, as we all know male models make the world go round!!! (at least my world)
    Second of all, it’s the fact that they are BRAZILIAN male models: Brazil is just this massive production plant of sexy men yet each and every one of them has his unique hotness–Francisco is creamy, Max is like caramel, Evandro just speaks SEX, Arthur is so radiant you could almost smell the sunshine reflecting off him, and… you get the picture. I love them.
    Finally, did I mention I read every single day, even on the day I have my SAT and an AP Art portfolio to finish?

  19. Lily says:

    Francisco should do something about his legs, they look completely neglected compared to his upper body. It’s a common mistake I see a lot of guys do, they want a gorgeous pecs and a sixpac and totally forget about their legs.

  20. Tintin Américain says:

    i’m a sinner, and ur magazine is pure sin. my kinda sin. if i get it, i’ll start a cult around it. more will be revealed…

  21. maciej says:

    well, why I deserved it?

    first, I’m from poland, after one of the longest winter in history, and i need somethin to warm me up, and what could be better then all the hottest models on globe!

    second, I’m student of fine arts academy specjalized in photography, and I think it’s your duty to support education of young talents (that would be great shoolbook)

    third, I’m just simply creazy about magazines, and I would love to have it!!!

  22. Oshcar says:

    I’m not going to lie and say I’m a fan of all Brazilian aspects. I haven’t tasted their food, and I’m not a fan of their clothing. But one thing I know I do love from Brazil are the men. Especially in the nude. Maybe that plays part in why I don’t like, or at least pay attention, to Brazilian clothing. Oh my goodness do I love them. Love them so much as a non sport fan I watch the Brazilian soccer team play on television with my dad. Sure he doesn’t know my real reasons. At least I think. Meanwhile, I feel I should win one of the issues because I would treasure the magazine for what it’s worth, a true collectable. And I’ve been an Evandro Soldati fan ever since I got intrigued by fashion, and models. I even got the Visionaire 52 Private issue just so I can have a glimpse of his “jewels” at my disposal. I would love to get this issued granted. What a prize?… and I hope I don’t sound like a pervert.

  23. Bryant Ng says:

    I currently am a freshman in college and am studying magazine journalism. Made in Brazil has been one of my top inspirations in what I want to do with my future. I hope to do something with fashion, tourism and photo journalism. Your photoblog features hot models, high fashion, and a great glimpse into festive Brazilian culture. It’s great to hear that Made in Brazil is starting their own magazine and it’d be a great pleasure to be able to read it!

  24. Nelson says:

    I’m in Australia, trying getting a copy to me!

  25. Muse says:

    Why do I deserve a free copy? I should probably insert a superficial lie and state that I really love Brazil. I always wanted to go and share an experience with the culture; learn the language, have a revelation, ponder about living there but not actually do it, and maybe try hard to find a Brazilian man to grab. Honestly, all that is obvious crap. I do have a respect for Brazil and the culture. I truly do hope to visit one day but it isn’t something I am pretentiously trying hard to do. I want a copy so I can look at pretty boys that I will never have. That’s pretty much my real reason. Fulfill my fantasy by giving me one.

  26. Carlos Silvio says:

    Why do I deserve a free copy? Why i live in Brazil and i need show to everbody the force of male brazilian models around the world.
    I need so much!

  27. Kenn says:

    Looks like a good endeavor. Can’t say I’m into all Brazilian models any more than I would say I was into all American or Canadian or Italian (though I might lean more that way…) models, but I do visit Made In Brazil pretty much daily and I feature Marlon pretty heavily on my site at American Idle.

  28. Ira says:

    My favorites :: Luke + Veljko :: Their responses are the most romantic.

    + Ricardo :: Because he’s trying so hard to write in English. And he’s succeeding.

  29. Andrian says:

    I love Brazil! It’s a photographer’s paradise! I have always wanted to go there but hopefully in the near future. All gorgeous faces and bodies live in that paradise. I am lucky to be having shoots with male brazilians in my country because they are so damn good, and very friendly too especially the male models, so natural and inspiring to shoot, it’s all about their faces, their bodies, their bright personalities that makes them great muses. And it will be a great experience if I do get to win the Made In Brazil magazine because I definitely will always and forever love brazil and it’s brazilian men! Beijos! <3

  30. Nat says:

    If I love Brazil!? Of course, i’ve born here, and IMO on the best part of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro.
    I looove male models.
    Brazilian male models are the best ones, just look at Evandro Soldati, Michael Camiloto, Marlon Teixeira, Francisco Lachowski, Reinaldo Berthoti Max Motta.. and much more gorgeous models, they possess this natural mixture of races what make them got this unique beauty, capable to attract looks of all the world
    like the title says..’brazilians do it better’. and I agree!
    So, I really want win a copy of this amazing magazine! It’s like a collector’s edition!

  31. Ira says:

    what’s the name of the model holding the 2 dogs?

  32. Ira says:

    Rômulo Pires, right?

  33. GP says:

    Hot magazine!!! Just let me know where I can buy in Australia!!!!

  34. Garrett says:

    Although I have never been to Brazil, I hope to someday go there. I know that I’ll love it as much as Mario Testino. One of my most favorite model is Marlon T, who is featured in the magazine. I love, love, love Men’s fashion. I pay attention and collect all kinds of editorials. I consider these kinds of photograph’s as art. If you guys are looking for someone to receive this magazine. I believe that it should go to someone who truly appreciates male beauty and is a follower of fashion. I am absolutely without a doubt a man who knows how to appreciate. Just ask my boyfriend. 😉

  35. Derek says:

    Hello My name is Derek, I am from Minnesota and I have started modeling not to long ago. My friend Shawn and i have been studying the fashion world left and right, from fashion videos and magazines to attending fashion shows. I really have taken a liking to collecting and studying fashion magazines, I know Brazil has a lot to offer so i hope to study up and learn something from this magazine.

    Thanks!, Derek

  36. Juju Kensan says:

    Let me have this magazine, pretty please?

    I know I’m a Brazilian in my previous life =) and seeing those boys makes me feel perfectly at home~

  37. Robert says:

    I absolutely *crave* Brazil in so many ways! The men, the beaches, the sprawl of Sao Paolo, the edginess of Rio, the heat, the love-of-life culture, the food and Caipirinhas! Did I mention the men?

    MIB is the best ambassador Brazil has! And now I’ll have something to hold in my hot little hands that was actually made in Brazil — if my argument is compelling enough and I win.

    I know you can’t see me, but I’m on my knees, hands clasped, looking up at you with puppy-dog eyes. Please send me a copy of Made in Brazil #1!

  38. Tim Grove says:

    Eu gostaria de uma cópia gratuita de Made in Brazil magazine porque amo modelos masculinos brasileiros. Sou obcecado com Francisco Lachowski. Amo tudo brasileiro, a sua língua, a sua cultura, a sua moda, e os seus homens.

    Translation: I would like a free copy of Made In Brazil magazine because I love Brazilian male models. I am really obsessed with Francisco Lachowski. I love everything Brazilian, its language, its culture, its fashion, and its men.

    I find Brazilian models to be the most inspiring and aesthetically pleasing. Especially Francisco Lachowski. I have never seen such a perfect face with such perfect hair, and all attached to a perfect body. Brazilian male models encompass all aspects of beauty and physical attractiveness: cute, sexy, and gorgeous.

  39. Yulun says:



  40. Schaun says:

    I had no idea he was coming out with a magazine. I’ve been reading that blog for years!

    Brazilians are the hottest. I heart them all.

  41. Homotography says:

    Congrats to Made in Brazil. We love the blog and the magazine looks like a must have.

  42. James says:

    mhm. . . let’s think why I should get the free copy. . . firstly I’m gay 😛 and it’s politically correct to give away one copy to a sodomite. Secondly I’m from Poland which is a beautiful country but it’s a place forgotten by the Fashion God so sending one copy to me would be like a gift for the whole nation and maybe this will be the first small step to enlightening poles that fashion and beauty are Good and u have to pay attention what u wear and how u look. . . consider it a good deed :)
    last but not least. . .omg! They are so. . . so. . .so. . .gorgeous! beautiful! And the photos. . .a masterpiece. I personally think that the copy should go to someone that can really appreciate the the photos and the true male beauty caught in them!
    And that’s why this piece of true art should go to me :)

  43. alejandro says:

    I tink that Brazil should be loved not only because of gorgeous models who come every day from this beautiful country and who make women and gay-man come and come and come))))
    this country is blessede with nature and friendly people who despite of being not as rich as some others countries are don’t lose the charming sense of awesome mix of european culture and natural mix!
    As the model and also the teacher of spanish language and latin culture i will easily find 100 reasons to love Brazil! And i suggest all of you come and see its real beauty!!!!!!

  44. paris boy says:

    bla bla bla! i’ve read all comments of guys who wish to recieve one copy, haha, thats make me feel fun, so bored to read all of your comments! no one said that he is gay and love brazilian boys. why,???? it’s not a crime, guys. im a young gay, i live in paris and J’ADORE brazilian male models and fashion mags. thas all, cheersxx

  45. Matthew says:

    Brazilian male model is hot! Arthur Selesis the most favourite model! there are so many great models come from Brazil! manyof them are doing really well in america also over europe, Armani Exchange campaign is every where here over Hong Kong ! ohw hgh it is!

  46. Jacqueline Sandberg says:

    Because people from Brazil proove time and time again to the world that they DO do it better, by always being very loving, out there and always wanting to give their best. People say I look like I’m from Brazil, and although I am very proud of my own heritage I can’t help but give a huge smile and THANK YOU for the sweet and wishful compliment.

  47. polymerasechain says:

    OK. Why me.

    I am a member of MDC, thefashionspot & modelhommes. I participate actively in these forums and make sure to contribute photos I source from websites for the rest to enjoy. I also like that these forums have different members posting and I get to participate in a like-minded community. I am also a frequenter of blogs such as yvymag, thefashionisto, mensmodelstalk, homotography.. In short I am such a model fan.

    Also I have a few virtual (online) friends from Brazil who I talk to about male models and the fascination that maybe.. just maybe.. I may get to visit their country one day. It would be epic seeing all the hot bodies parading before my eyes..

    And the preview is sooo hot! I think if I saw it in print, my hands will burn.

    On the off chance that I will be chosen, it will be one of the crowning glories of my magazine collection — which I have maintained throughout the years, spending big bucks to obtain a rare issue of An0ther, Numero Homme and An0ther Man… which aren’t locally sourced here.

  48. Katyaini says:

    I need all these boys to come to India…..and shoot with me!!!!!

  49. Vitor A says:

    I love Brazi.
    It’s hot and sexy.
    the males and females only tops

  50. Alan says:

    Amazing !

  51. tate tullier says:

    This is brilliant! I have been a avid follower for a great while. This sort of thing needs to bleed into my home state of Louisiana. We have many gorgeous men and women in the great deep South of America that just go throughout their lives without the realization that they’re very sexy people. I would love your magazine to display in my living room and teach this state about what it is all about being comfortable in their own skin, and to show it off! Great job to everyone at Made in Brazil.

  52. André says:

    Esses modelos brasileiros são de tirar o folêgo. Uauuuuuu

    Parabéns Made in Brazil

  53. Thomas says:

    I deserve it, because I deserve it!

  54. gossip girl says:

    A beleza brasileira é certamente uma fonte inesgotável.
    É mais do que certo explorar isso ao fundo.

    Sou brasileira com orgulho!!!

  55. Andrea says:

    Why someone should love brazilian models? Well, the answer is so simple: look at them. They are the perfection: cool faces, muscular bodies, amazing white smiles, and a great erotic charge that makes them an unique and unbelievable example of male specimen. Give them dresses or just let them pose naked… it doesn’t mind: their skin speaks the language of beauty, their eyes are wild and colored like the country they come from. Try out their blend: an incredible concentrate of desire, passion, power, in an iresistible mix of spicy hormones.
    Wasn’t this sufficient to understand why I DO love Brazilian wonderful creatures? Probably no words can definetely explain it, since no words can express the feelings that come from brain when you look at something so gorgeus. Anyway, isn’t this a sort of spiritual, fashionable *orgasm*? Yes, it is. So that’s why you should send me a copy of the new magazine: let me have my *orgasm*, and help my spirituality. ^__^

  56. Oshcar says:

    Because I just wet myself looking at the preview pics. Ohhh Evandro…

  57. Camillo Camus says:

    Well, anyone with name like mine should inspire especially as I have been committed to fashion since the 80s…I know, I am old and for that reason I should be given this magazine as token of appreciation for my years of real committment to the world of fashion. I am, after all, one of the original ‘fashion victims” AND in addition to that I speak 6 languages, including (Brazilian)Portuguese which means I can spread the word! Good luck to you all who have submitted a message, many of them very colourful…..Thanks for reading, Camillo

  58. Erik says:

    I want a copy because I know these boys, book these boys and love these boys

  59. Caesar says:

    Brazil es realmente el pais mas grande del Mundo. Todo vibra de vida, la vegetacion, la gente, los chicos, es un paraiso… Todo es felicidad, alegria, satisfaccion para todos los sentidos.
    Cuando estas en Brasil tu cuerpo y tus celulas comienzan a crecer ya desarrollarse para estar a tono con lo que te rodea, porque en Brasil la vida y la belleza crecen por todas partes.

  60. Greg W. says:

    A few years ago I worked with the foreign youth exchange program. The Brazilian students were the most outgoing students of all from around the world. I LOVE Latin men and used to live with a man from Equador who made me love them even more. Brazilian men are the hottest ment in the world. Please consider me for a copy of your magazine. Oh, and yes I am very happily a gay man just like my bud Ricky Martin.

  61. Marcela says:

    I want a copy because I’am brasileira (brazilian) Born and raised… and I miss seeing my beautiful Brazilian men and women walking dow the streets everyday. I am daughter to a (Dad) Italian immigrant to Brasil, and a (Mom) African Brought from africa to Bahia, The state of Bahia have the most black population in the whole south America. Can you tell I love Brasil and my people.?

  62. Kris says:

    I draw my stars with hues of gold
    Attracting people young and old
    Beauty reflected in other’s eyes
    Departing a room to the sound of sighs

    I see beyond the cover, boys
    The men who’d use you just as toys
    Green and brown and blue eyed stares
    Who gives a fuck, I mean who really cares

    I care for you, in ways you see
    In things you know come just from me
    In ways you don’t, but feel real deep
    It wakes me at night and robs me of sleep

    Wish I had some holy power
    Sitting high up in my tower
    Healing hands or sacred bone
    Instead of just calling you on the phone

    Need to feel needed , yeah it’s true
    I’m out here because of you
    Love you all, I try to show it
    Hiding behind the words of a poet

  63. Davidoff says:

    I would really like to get a copy because the magazine seems to be quite awesome! I also work for a model agency which represent some of the greatest Brazillian male models in the industry! Please, please send me a copy!

  64. lily says:

    who’s the one with tatoos ?

  65. jamie says:

    okay does anyone know the name of that Hot specimen guy with tattoos doing sort of a yoga pose; I need his name please……

  66. Christian Torres says:

    PRETTY PLEASE! 😀 I’m going on a trip to Brazil and this will definitely prepare me to what i’m about to experience. XD

  67. Ryan says:

    I’m a young historian of sex. I’m a historian of sex in Latin America. And I work on Brazil, Mexico, and Cuba. I’m even writing a paper about masculinity, fashion, and representation in these three countries. So aside from getting to drool over the hot menz…I could put the magazine to good use and immortalize your generosity in my work!

  68. schneider says:

    where is SCHNEIDER?!

  69. Ian B. says:

    I love fashion, I love Brazil, I love males, I love models, I love male models and my birthday is on May 2nd, so it will be the best birthday gift that I’d EVER win.

  70. RODRIGO ZAP says:


  71. Christopher says:

    Brazilians are genetic mongrels. They have a little bit of everything mixed up inside them, like a melting pot of race and culture, which probably accounts for their devastating beauty. It’s the way forward – let’s mix it up a little!

    Men are powerful and beautiful at the same time. They are natural and raw and animalistic. The female sex is the stabilising factor of many species, but males are the ones who bring diversity and variety. They’re like nature’s experiment, sometimes producing deviants, but always producing greatness as well.

    When you combine the two, it’s magic: the magnificence of male essence with the passion of Brazilian energy, all wrapped up in a package of extreme seductive sexuality. It’s enough to bring anyone to their knees.

  72. Antonio Barros says:

    I hope to see many editions of this magazine!

  73. Antonio Barros says:

    And I would be very happy to be invited to photograph one editorial for them too! :)

  74. scott says:

    how about purchasing an electronic version. I want it on my new ipad, not all torn up under a bed a year from now.

  75. India Hodges says:

    I LOVE men! seriously. I could talk all day about how yummy and delicious male models are! and i’m only 17! Especially Brazilians! oh my oh my oh me. lol. I would love to receive a special edition “Made In Brazil” magazine because that website gives me all the good [and sometimes bad] new about Brazil and it’s people. I run home everyday after practice and check it, along with The men they present on the website. OMG! Bernardo Velasco, Evandro Soldati, and Francisco Lachowski! Some of my favorite models of all time. And I’ll never forget the gorgeous women on the site, Gisele, Adriana, and Raquel. Such a wonderful, wonderful website. So again I would LOVE to get a special edition of the magazine and show my true love for Brazil!

  76. Antonio Gusmão says:

    I am a brazilian, a carioca who was borned and lived in Rio for 26 years, now a days I live in Chile. A very cold country, weather and spirit, compared to Brazil. Here the boys don´t walk almost nude on the streets(like in Rio), for my unhappiness. The chileans guys don´t have natural tan skin, the ginga while walking, the big smile although the situation. Diferenttly from ipanema, copacabana, reserva beach and almost all the beachs across the litoral of my country, here the sea is freezing, even in the summer, and the chilens boys don´t wear speedos, in any way. So, almost in tears, remembering the fascination that my country, Brazil- that since Eckout, Debret and Franz Post (19th century foreign painters who portayed and painted the people and the landscapes) through alair gomes, a brazilian photographer that in the 80´s took many pb photos of cariocas men on the sand- has exercised in the imaginarium of brazilians and brazilianers, I ask you: can you give me a little bit of happiness back? thanks

  77. Erwin says:

    Your magazine reafirms to me that I am GAY and should be PROUD of it. I will use your Magazine when I come out to my family. It is the best. Mind you, I need that magazine to come out!!!! Thanks and All the best to your magazine!!

  78. Jessica says:

    I love Brazil!!! Men are scortching hot!!! Even there when they excuse themselves to go to the restroom, I felt like they danced their way out of the room. They have this sex appeal like no other. And oh my their deep aggressive voices. Evandro Soldati and Francisco Lachowski can whisper in my ear sweet tunes any given day of the week. Please tell me one bares it all!!! Please just send me a copy!!!! I’ll give up meat for the rest of my life if I can have one of those beefcakes.

  79. Fabiana Soares says:

    i should win the magazine cause i took 24 hours to convince god that i should be born in Brazil. He is hard to be convinced! But i won, im in brazil right now and deserve this little piece of heaven. Even better this little piece of sweet hell… very sweet. 😉

  80. Duílio says:

    Porque eu sou brasileiro, precisa de motivo maior do que esse?! Quem melhor para ganhar a revista do que um autêntico brasileiro, escrevendo em um site inglês, na mais pura brasilidade de ser? Eu. Rsrsrs

  81. adrian says:

    Brazil men are like water to me, I need them to live! Made in Brazil is therefore a lifesaver. Save me!

  82. Daniel Nekatschalow Bonfim says:

    I deserve it because I love muffin’ Pugs. (6) Cought, cought, cought.

  83. Matimus says:

    Who is the model with the tattoos?

  84. fan says:

    i read made in brazil blog every single day so i deserve this special edition issue. that simnple. and you whoever got the authority to pick the 5 winners, YOU have to pick me!!!

  85. Male_Modeling says:

    Super hot. Thanks for bringing it to our fans.

  86. ESkinny says:

    LOVE brazilians models boys or girls !!!
    since i knew Gisele im always watching EVERYTHING about Brazil, and btw Made in Brazil its in my top links

  87. Claudio says:

    Why I should win:
    Because I was MADE IN BRAZIL!(I really miss my country)
    Because the best models in the world are MADE IN BRAZIL!(the best man too)
    Because I read every single day MADE IN BRAZIL!(I’m addictive)
    Because all of that, I really deserve a copy of MADE IN BRAZIL magazine!(A little bit of sexy, brazilian man in my bedroom )

  88. Albert says:

    Reading Made in Brazil makes me want to get myself a hot Brazilian model boyfriend!!!!!

  89. Lucas says:

    Well, I’m from Brasil and though I know the mailing will be a tiny bit expensive, you guys would be doing me a favor, literally. So that’s what I think I’m doing: just asking you guys a favor. Not begging, not proving my worth, just asking for a favor.

    A propósito, seria muito interessante se, junto com a revista, voces me mandassem umas dicas de beleza, sabe? Tava pensando numas técnicas pra maquiagem masculina, sei lá. Brigadão. Lucas.

  90. EM says:

    I think it would be a sublime way to exalt the male Beauty.
    The randomness of male Beauty is awesome. It is a joke (what a joke!) by goddess Fortune and the product of the tenacity of man. Aesthetics, sublime aesthetics of a living creature is a precious present which, for its proper perishableness, should be immortalized. And only a photograph can do that.
    A book with these pictures would really be a cornucopia and a quintessence of this adoration, the adoration of the complete Beauty of man.

    I think this book should be mine because every time I’m in front of a male Beauty I can just tell: “A man too can rouse an attack of Stendhal syndrome”.

  91. diva says:

    pourquoi devrai-je avoir le magazine Made in Brazil entre mes mains aussi malicieuses qu elles soient? parce que je le vaux bien! parce que sur vous postez les plus bels et les plus sensuels hommes du brézil!!!! et que j attends avec délectation hihihi ce premier numéro depuis la création de votre site.mouah

  92. Ira says:



    The female sex is the stabilising factor of many species, but males are the ones who bring diversity and variety. They’re like nature’s experiment.

    now a days I live in Chile. A very cold country, weather and spirit, compared to Brazil. Here the boys don´t walk almost nude on the streets(like in Rio), for my unhappiness. The chileans guys don´t have natural tan skin, the ginga while walking, the big smile although the situation

  93. Ira says:

    thank you for your wit, Rodrigo ZAP, Christopher, and Antonio Gusmão ^^

  94. LeoDamas says:

    Nós brasileiros somos mesmo belos, mas isto parece surgir sobretudo de dentro para fora.
    Quem não concorda com uma energia pluricultural nestas fotos? Isto é ser brasileiro.

    Nous Brésiliens sont encore belles, mais cela semble résulter essentiellement de l’intérieur.
    Qui n’est pas d’accord avec une énergie multiculturelle dans ces photos? Il s’agit d’être brésilien.

    We Brazilians are even beautiful, but this seems to arise mainly from the inside out.
    Who does not agree with a multicultural energy in these photos? This is being Brazilian.

  95. JP says:

    A long time ago, far far away, I visited the country of Brazil. We trudged through rainforests, swam in rivers, did the “turista” thing. While driving back through the city in a janky shuttle, listening to our tour guide talk about his 7 different wives, I noticed a few things all the same. All these people were absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful. I kept thinking to myself “where did all these people come from?”, “why aren’t there men like this in my town?” I am from Southern California, where it is said that there are a lot of fine-looking gentelmen, but oh how they could never even COMPARE to these guys. Golden brown skin, dark chocolate hair, and bright eyes the color of the ocean that they would emerge out of in their tiny swim bottoms and perfectly chiseled bodies. I had arrived in the middle of one of my wettest dreams.

    I deserve a copy of this magazine because I will appreciate it!! The raw, raunchy, bare essence of these Brazilian Gods needs to be at my fingertips. Thank you!!

  96. Fetysz says:

    Brazilian men are like sex. You can live without it, but you wish you never had too. And I could live without looking at Fransisco Lachowski (for example) but I don’t want to.

  97. Roberto S. says:

    Since I can remember, models have always represented the best in fashion, beauty, and attitude. The world has been subjected to anorexic females, pale skinned goth males, and classical women and men that epitomized the era and genre of our societies. As the years have come and gone, one particular group of people have been making a permanent mark on society as a whole. Brazilians have always been known as beautiful, hard working, talented, artistic people. A melting pot of genes have been pooled and sorted through in such wondrous variations that boggle the mind. It is rare to see such leisure in soul. The best of what is in each of us is dominant in every Brazilian. And now the world is taking notice. Brazilians represent what the world should have been like if that sense of attitude acceptance and ambition had been the foregoing drive for success and happiness. Brazilian men – masculine, dominant, beautiful, confident – secure in their minds – this is what all men should strive to be. Brazilian men represent self control – an underlined drive to perfection. These characteristics are the driving force of what REAL men are. And to simply put it – Brazilian men have pride. All men should emulate these ideals. Personally, I would love a copy of this issue whether I win one or have to purchase it. You cannot place a price on what this magazine represents – it is not the beauty or maleness for that is self evident – it is not the eroticism that screams lust from its pages – it is the absolute perfection of a society that has come forward with the best they have to offer. Thanks!

  98. Adam says:

    Why do I deserve it?
    I think Brazil might be over-rated. Prove me otherwise!!

  99. Marianne says:

    What do u think I got the Brazilian wax and Brazilian blowout for? Send me that mag!!!

  100. Arnold says:

    Because… the Made In Brazil Magazine Models are 100% perfect, like Brazil and its men!

  101. Arnold says:

    Because… the Made In Brazil Magazine Models are 100% perfect, like Brazil and its men!

    …….O, yes! 100 is a perfect number.

  102. Paulo Campos says:

    congrats … love Made in Brazil website … can’t wait to see it all….:)

  103. Nathália says:

    Aaaaaahhh demais!!! Finalmente uma revista assim, era tudo que estava faltando!! Amo moda masculina, modelos, e meu país é incrível. Espero que venda aqui a revista! Gostaria MUITO de ter uma. Agora o foco são os modelos masculinos do Brasil arrasando total!

  104. EDSON says:

    BECAUSE I AM MADE IN BRAZIL TOO,FOLLOW THE BLOG FOR YEARS, AND SPECIALLY BECAUSE Alex Schultz, André Ziehe, Arthur Sales, Edilson Nascimento, Evandro Soldati, Francisco Gassen, Francisco Lachowski, Gabriel Burger, Igor Medeiros, Jonathan Dalcin, Leo Peixoto, Lucas Mascarini, Marlon Teixeira, Mateus Verdelho, Max Motta, Michael Camiloto, Mihaly Martins, Natan Machado, Rael Costa, Rafael Lazzini, Rodrigo Calazans, Romulo Pires, Tiago Gass, Thiago Santos, Thomaz de Oliveira AND Victor Azzolini ARE IN THIS MAGAZINE, AND I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED TO SEE THE PHOTOS,LIKE I NEED OXYGEN TO BREATHE,OR I WILL DIE WITHOUT THEM……

  105. ACEBOYS says:

    Why ACEBOYS should get a copy of the Inaugural ‘Made In Brazil Magazine’
    .. by Chris Berns of ACEMALE MODELS / Ft. Lauderdale Florida / USA :)

    So here it goes …

    We are a small, male model photography studio located in South Florida determined to grow our brand and male model line globally. We get inspired by the work of world class photographers and models and learn from what others are doing – we don’t compete, we admire and learn. Cristiano and his incredible crew are clearly raising the bar here and who better to award a copy too than a growing studio who will study, learn and grow from having it? Plus … We’ll be your best Friend ☺

    Well, whether we win or not – thanks for publishing the sneak peak folks – this is amazing stuff and it really is changing the landscape and upping the anti – which makes us all (photographer and models) better at our art. Sincere thanks! Chris // ACEBOYS

  106. Marz says:

    I can’t close my mouth!!!

  107. Leilani says:

    Do I love brazil? Is that even a question? I am not Brazilian, but my love for the culture, language, and most of all the MEN is equal to that of any Brazilian. I have even taken it upon myself to learn Portuguese, and surround myself with Brazilian friends. Ever since I discovered Made In Brazil I have been addicted. Without it I would have never discovered the likes of Marlon Teixeira or Edilson Nascimento, whose photos now surround me. Brazilian men are certainly the sexiest in the world, and this magazine would be a PERFECT addition to my collection of mens fashion magazines. I love Brazilian men so much to the point where, my friends dressed me a mannequin in Brazilian Flag underwear and gave it to me for my birthday. If I don’t deserve this, I don’t know who could.

  108. Marcia Rocha says:

    Bom, em português mesmo. O mistermag, meu site, está no começo da trajetória, como o MIB esteve um dia. Somos grandes fãs do trabalho de vocês e fico aqui pensando o quanto seria incrível poder compartilhar com os leitores do mistermag (mais uma vez, pq a gente volta e meia fala do made in brazil!!!) essa novidade maravilhosa, o made in brazil magazine. Por isso e pq o Rômulo Pires, um dos meninos, é daqui, né? Seria até um mini presente de aniversário para Bras-ilha, hahahah!!!! Mas, falando seríssimo agora. Antes de qualquer coisa… Parabéns de verdade! Conseguir ir do virtual para o impresso é mais uma prova de que vcs estão mais do que consolidados, que fazem um trabalho incrível e que merecem todos os louros!!! Congrats!!!!!!!

  109. Mark says:

    I want this magazine because I think Brazil produces the best models in our generation! First the sesational G Bomb dropped in the fashion world which caused the Brazilian tidal wave that gave us Isabeli, Raquel, Juliana, Alessandra and the the boys in the new MIB magazine. Another reason why I want this magazine is because I recently bought the Mario De janeiro book by Mario Testino and it is soo beautiful and inspiring which led me to design a capsule collection based on brazilian lifestyle ( parsons design student). I want this magazine and I love Brazilian models and I will cherish this magazine forever and ever and ever!

  110. Thiago Ribeiro says:

    Porque a revista jamais chegará às lojas da minha cidade, que é no interior. Além do mais, é preciso que um brasileiro seja presenteado com uma revista “Produzida no Brasil”, principalmente um brasileiro que em outras circunstâncias, não terá acesso ao incrível material produzido.

  111. unan says:

    why i need it? its because it speaks Brazilian itself. coming from an Asian country, i think Brazil is one of the nation that is very lively and colourful. the magazine itself speaks for the people living in there and of course the fashion trends that is today…. the heat, passion and creativity sure does oozes differently when it comes to Brazilian fashion scene…..

    And in other words… i really really need it!!

  112. Chuchuraw says:

    I should win it because I am obsessed with male models as in! pls.

  113. Will says:

    Wow… That’s amazing. And how daring to actually make a male model edition before a female one, because Lord knows Brazil has gorgeous women as well (Gisele Bündchen for example). But to put the men in front is a great message that says men can be sexy too and aren’t second rate models or “accessories” to accompany female models. Simply gender equality. The reason why I would like a copy is because first, I think the idea, content and models are electric, and second, I don’t know how else to get hold of a copy. Cheers!!

  114. maXx says:

    Greetings from the Philippines! I want my Made in Brazil Special Edition magazine right NOW!!! Because Brazil like the Philippines j’adores hot Male Models from Brazil like Fabio Ide and Evandro Soldati! Besides that I live the Brazilian way of showing SEXINESS : by Being Confident in your own body and swaying my hips to the SAMBA! Plus I Believe I was a BRAZILIAN in my past LIFE!!

  115. beachboyy101 says:

    Canada has some of the best Fashion people, Jeanne Beker Fashion Reporter, Jay Manuel Fashion Host and Expert, Dean and Dan Caten Fashion Designers (Dsquared) Linda Evangelista the WORLDS GREATEST SUPERMODEL of all times!! Shalom Harlow, Coco Rocha, Monika Schnarre, Jessica Stam, Daria Werbowy Models, Gabriel Aubry, Andrew Stetson, Ryan Taylor.

  116. Ricardo says:

    First of all, I’m brazilian. Overaged. Gay. And I dream about Matheus Verdelho since he was not tattoed. So, I deserve it. And if I don’t get it, how can I buy it?

  117. Sofie says:

    It’s a magazine filled with beautiful men photographed by a fabulous photographer. I don’t think I have to give more reasons why I have to have one of those magazines.

  118. Ernest Edward says:

    As a homosexual man, it’s hard to take your eyes off a real handsome man, you first notice the eyes, then his face, you zoom in on his lips, then to his neck, if he’s shirtless you check his biceps then abs, then love handles, if not you check his sense of style, try to read what type of man he is by what he’s wearing, if he’s pantless as well as shirtless, you can tell alot about a man by his underwear. If the man is naked you know everything about him, he revealed his most intimate part of his body to you. I would LOVE a chance to win a copy because I am a huge fan of art, and your mag isn’t a typical trashy “jack-off” mag it’s a mag based on the beauty of a man. But yet you do it in so many different forms. Your an artist putting together works of art for us the fans or the viewers to view your gallery but on paper. If I get blessed with this, It’ll be on my coffee table for all to view, whether my vistors in my home be straight, gay, bi, etc. They can all enjoy the beauty of men from your works of art. <3

  119. DreamsofLenny says:

    I can’t give 5 reasons because I simply can’t. All I can say is that I am a country boy who lives next to a cow pasture in rural Louisiana who comes to site everyday for wisdom of fashion and beauty. After all, wouldn’t you when people around here think that Walmart is the epitome of Haute Couture? I have to get the hell up out of here to see the fashion world for myself, but until then I’ll just stay updated with!

  120. Luiz Rosa says:

    Everyday, twice a day, as a wake up and before I go to sleep. Seven times a week, every week, of every month, twelve months a year. 365 days. No matter what, who, where or when…everyday I need my dose of men and they better be made in Brazil. And where do I find them? At Made in Brazil. If this isn’t love…then what is?

  121. Manuel says:

    Start your snack with a few healthy slices of Seu Jorge, Oscar Niemeyer, Chico Mendes, Raul Seixas, and Fernando Meirelles. Add a harmful dose of Alexandre Herchcovitch, Raquel Zimmerman, Gilberto Gil, and Ronaldhino…and finally top that sandwich of awesomeness with a nice spread of Evandro Soldati, Mateus Verdelho, Miro Moreira and Arthur Sales….and you got yourself a meal to last you a lifetime. Does this recipe spell love? Probably the closest I’ve come to it. :) so what do you say? hook a brother up?

  122. Jose says:

    I would love to win this AMAZING Magazine with the reasons I will explain in this simple comment.
    I study in New York city, in Parson the new school for design in Menswear. I have been a huge fan of the male faces of Brazilian Models. I love their look, appeal, and style. I have been always geared to inspiration in their beautiful country. As a kid, I have always traveled and one of the places I have never even been too is Brazil, and its one of my many regrets. I have been to Prague up to the busy streets of China, but Brazil is still a mystery to me. Its one of my countries that I just have to visit but never really got the chance. I can go on and on, on how the country is beautiful along with its people but thats not the comment’s point.

    I really hope you pick me. I love magazines and men. Men in Magazine especially models that I love and adore. The photographer is amazingly talented.

    … and in obvious reasons, the men are hot and when they probably printed the magazine it went on fire on how hot it was. (bad joke) Haha, I almost died when I saw this. My favorite Mateus Verdelho.

    Please, with all the hopes in my heart, I hope you pick me.

  123. Térrèse Kopp says:

    I’m a fashion jornalist, I live in Rio de Janeiro, and my intention on internet is to spread Brazilian designers, models, artists, filmakers to the hole world. Cause, as you show us in tis post, what can be better then this?

    Eu sou uma jornalista de moda, moro no Rio de Janeiro, e minha intençaõ na internet é disseminar os estilistas, modelos, artistas, diretores de filmes Brasileiros para todo o mundo. Porque, como bem mostrado no post, o que pode ser melhor do que isso?

    I want to post this beauties on my blogs as soon as posible.

    Eu pretendo postar essas beldades nos meus blogs, o quanto antes.


  124. Theis says:

    I love Brazil and it’s men – beautiful and warm, so unique.

    Also I have a fetish for magazines. I live in NYC, but long for Brazil and it’s beauty every day..


  125. Julie says:

    Brazilian fashion and models are fantastic! I love them so much that I have dedicated most of my summertime to them..or in other words: looking at them and writing about them..
    How can i prove it? the moment i am doing my humanistic magister thesis on the topic of fashion photography and representations of to get this magazine would be the best ever!!!! I would be SO HAPPY!! please, please, please let me win:o) It would mean everything to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Julie – student at center for fashion studies, Stockholm University

  126. Kierra says:

    Well I’ll just keep this short and sweet. Hmmmm lets see the main reasons for me to want this magazine would be . . . well the Brazilian boys of course! Fashion is a way of life, but the only thing better than high class clothing on a male model is no clothing at all 😉

  127. Odlyh says:


  128. Juliana says:

    Obrigada Cristiano Madureira from taking the best out of this garotos. Great shots.
    I’m breathless.
    This magazine is a piece of art. Definitely deserves to be on my living room table.
    Beijos…parabens pelo trabalho.

  129. Erica says:

    I’m 25, divorced, with 3 kids, kicked out of school, and living off child support. There is no way I’ll ever get a man that looks even close to these Brazilians. So please, please, please…send me a magazine. I’d really treasure that baby forever. And it would definitely come in handy after I put the kids to bed.

  130. Jay says:

    First of all I’m not going to fill this comment with hollow words, like I love Brazil and I deserve this magazine, there are plenty of those above. But what I do think is that this magazine, at least from what I’ve seen so far, is a true example of fine art, and I do LOVE art, I myself spend my free time painting and taking pictures as long as I can, and this magazine represents everything or at least a lot of what I enjoy in photography. This is a unique and valuable example of what a group of committed and true artist can achieve when they set their minds on something worth pursuing. I believe I will be able to appreciate (if I’m given the chance) this work for what it is, and not to rise the libido in times of desperation. For that, I would be much in debt, if you think I’m worthy of this magazine. Thanks for taking the time to read my comment.

  131. Noah says:

    It’s not so much why I want this magazine, because I would like it just as much as everyone here, but why you should pick me…

  132. Trinh says:

    Because a preview is not enough!

  133. Jeppe says:

    I have a thing for Brazilians. I once went to brazil, and the main reason I didn’t want to go back again was because of the incredible sexy Brazilian men. I live in Denmark, in Scandinavia, witch is one of the whitest countries in the world. Everyone is pale, ugly and really bony or really fat. There are like ZERO Brazilians, and it’s pissing me off and making my life a hell. All I need is a little Brazilian-vibe, and with this new, fantastic magazine, I can survive at least a few years until I’ve saved up enough money.

  134. john says:

    I lost my virginity in Rio… it was really sweet. Even though we came from different backgrounds and cultures, we were coincidentally wearing the exact same pair of blue Calvins with a red waistband…

    I think I deserve a copy of “Made in Brazil” to remind me of what I lost there.

  135. ruben says:

    hi is very maising the pictures i hope see more
    of top models male i love fracisco when mdeling not sexual ok

  136. Youri says:

    My New York Fashion Week Flip Flops are Havaianas. I drink Caboclo coffee.
    In love with all the Acai Products and Gilberto Gil is in my cd-player.
    The only thing missing is ´The Made in Brazil Magazine´ on my coffee table…

  137. Jojo says:

    I´m a PhD in Politics student. My only only connection to Brazil is my phd. I´m not a fashionista, I just like wearing nice clothes with the few extra sterlings I receive from the university. But my PhD is on Brazil. I went to Rio for a conference three years ago. I guess I left my heart in the city and needed to return here in Rio de Janeiro. I spent three years figuring out how to go back. And now I live here. Adoro a Rio e homens brasileiros. I deserve this magazine as a payment from the Brazilians!

  138. Ivan says:

    Models are strong beats.
    Believe in sounds.
    Support their music.

  139. CC says:

    I am so in love with Brasil – everything Made in Brazil especially the brazilian boys. Unfortunately I live on the other side of the planet. God I will love to have a copy of the delicious magazine and dream away …

  140. Adolfo says:

    Hi, I’m a boy who has been captivated by the male fashion industry since I was 15 years old. I’m a mexican who tries to do the best in order to reach the best fashion magazines but,unfortunately, is almost impossible to get male fashion magazines in Mexico (there are more female fashion magazines-at least where I live-than male). Another point is that there are few probabilities that a fashion blog could launch there own magazine, and the few ones that made it hardly deliver their magazines to Mexico, now that “Made in Brazil” had launched there first issue, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.
    I love Brazil, starting from male models (Edilson Nascimento, Carlos Freire, and the brazilian famous and new male models, whose beauty is captured in its natural essence by photographer Didio-“Through My Eyes, and his other magnificent works- to the majestic music that describes the beaty of both-men and women- like in “The Girl From Ipanema”, and their splendid carnivals and plants.
    Everytime I see a male model (magazine,runway,T.V advertisement,etc), I realize that the excepcional work that is presented is the result of hours of passion,fun,and effort of a group of different and unique people that have something in common; and when I see that I think to myself that there’s no impossible, you can reach whatever you want, always when you have passion and you really yearn for it.

  141. Tara says:

    Recently had a dream about Evandro Soldati snuggling with and waking up next to me. I’m not sure if he dream is sexual. But felt so vivid and so warm and good. I haven’t gotten him off mind because of that. Can you please send me a copy….I know I’ll never have him so this would be the closest he’ll be to me and maybe get him off my mind a lil. A lil psycho, no?

  142. David says:

    I noticed Evandro Soldati across the street in New York, he had this aura to him, better than Rick James’ in the Chapelle show. I ran across to say hello and he gave me this smile that almost made me drop to my knees but held up just so he wouldn’t freak out. I need this magazine. I’m secretly in love with him.

  143. Eduardo Eidam Milian says:

    Eu acho que eu mereço um exemplar exclusivo desta revista que virá para sensualizar e sensacionalizar os editoriais brasileiros porque eu sou um brasileiro genuíno e posso dizer que já experimentei bastante do Brasil pra saber que não há povo melhor do que o nosso ♥ E também porque eu moro fora de São Paulo (Paraná) e será praticamente impossível eu ter em mãos uma revista de vanguarda e de qualidade como será a Made In Brazil.

    PS: agradei a revista e a temática da revista, ‘tá na cara’ que eu mereço, não é?

  144. Eduardo Eidam Milian says:

    Só complementando: eu assumo a Língua Portuguesa como minha e assumo que eu sou fascinado pelos modelos brasileiros.

    That’s it. I love your blog, I love Brazil, I love my people, I love my men ♥

  145. Thiago Tavares says:

    Eu devo ganhar essa revista, pois sou ator gosto de arte, sou apaixonado por moda e estou entrando para o mundo da fotografia.
    As imagens que vi da revista estão incríveis.
    Quero muito mas muito ter essa revista para saborea-la e me divertir.

    Sucesso pra vcs da revista


  146. Carlos Henrique Xavier Araujo says:

    I deserve win a special edition of the Made In Brazil magazine because, why not simply just be a model, has to be the Brazilian model. With an exotic beauty and sensuality that only the Brazilians have.


  147. Bruno says:

    I should win a free copy because I was Made in Brazil but I don’t look like this models, and this always make me very sad.

  148. Caio says:

    I deserve to win bacause since I can´t have Matheus Verdelho, Rafael Lazzini and Evandro Soldati, at least I would get to look them everyday when I wake up, and before I go to sleep. Just them, with nothing on…

  149. gil marcellino says:

    i love men’s, this boys are fabulous,congratulations

  150. Matheus says:

    São 5 sorteaods no mundo todo, deveria ser eu um deles, pois sou brasileiro e alguem do brasil tem que ganhar e sou eu, sou do mundo damoda, saberei e terei mais desfrute da revista por este motivo, muitos deles são inspiração para meus modelos pois sou scout, e os procuro, sofro preconceito em casa por trabalhar nesta area e ser de uma familia concervadora, por ser do interior onde as pessoas não entendem de moda, e sofro por isto porque sou muito fashionista e uso estas roupas fashions, sofreria porque não terá local perto onde possa comprar e se tivesse não teria dinheiro,sou uma pessoa que realmente vive o mundo da moda por isto devo ter esta revista comigo, conto com a ajuda de Deus por que pra concorrer com o mundo inteiro é bom apelar para o divino!

  151. Jeff says:

    Since start to watch the brazillians boys models following all those campagne and tragetory and events from brasil I thought wow.. made in brasil is the best and fastso far .. me tornei fiel ao site e disse bem que made in brasil merece um print .. virar magazine pro mundo ver.. e mereco o primeiro exemplar por ser um bom visionario fashionista feito no brasil !XXJ

  152. Rosangela says:

    Eu gosto muito do Romulo Pires, sempre estou atras de novidades ao seu respeito!

  153. Iabuki (JAPAN) says:

    I want a copy cause…
    Madonna have a Brazilian…
    Marc Jacobs have a Brazilian…
    Tom Brady have a Brazilian…
    Danny Glover have a Brazilian…
    Matthew McConaughey have a Brazilian…

  154. FIHATECH says:

    its really Brazilian boys ?:P looking good

  155. rohit says:

    i hv no words t say .im siting in gay n im beautiful too. i wish i had the opurtunity to be one among them cos i trulybelong to this team!

  156. Horacio Meza says:

    As my good friend Tina Turner would say, “Made in Brazil, You’re simply the best, better than all the rest, better than anyone, anyone I’ve ever met!
    I’m stuck on your heart, I hang on every word you say
    Tear us apart, baby I would rather be dead, ohh you’re simply the BEST!”

  157. David Novotney says:

    I am so glad that DADT was up lifted! I can not look at websites like this with freedom of not getting in trouble!

  158. servando santos says:

    that was so fken inspiring

  159. alan brickman says:

    It’s all about the new energy! and the Brazilian Male supermodels own it!!

  160. Julio Caceres says:

    después se quejan los gays y las mujeres cuando aparece alguna modelo femenina semi desnuda, y está demostrado con estas publicaciones que es al hombre que se le utiliza como objeto sexual,siempre supe que esta revista es sexista porque las pocas modelos que aparecen semi desnudas estas siempre mas tapadas que el hombre; ojalá que esta revista publique fotos de chicas en la misma pose erótica asi como publican fotos de hombres en poses muy eróticas.

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