The Calvin Experience

Posted by Stephan Moskovic | May 3rd, 2010

The Calvin Experience
Calvin Klein Men & Women Fall 2010 Presentation

Art direction: Stephan Moskovic
Photos: Betty Sze
With additional photos: Janelle Okwodu

Row 1: Eric Anderson, Irina Vodolazova/Supreme, Adrien Brunier
Row 2: Francisco Lachowski (left); Michael Wozniak (right)
Row 4: Jullien Herrera, Jana Kaye, William Eustace. Right image: Arizona Muse/Next, Diego Kraus, Gloria Loitz
Row 6: Helle Platou/Ford, Daniela/Marilyn
Row 8: (Left image) Luke Stevens, Mia Temirova/Elite; (right image) Gloria Loitz (all the way to the right)
Row 10: Kate Kosushkina (in the middle)
Row 11: Wesley Phillips/DNA; Veronika Vilim/Next
Row 12: Helle Platou, Daniela, Douglas/Request, Hannah Johnson/Marilyn

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23 Comments to “The Calvin Experience”

  1. The Editor says:

    I think I need to go shopping

  2. alisson says:

    Fransciso gostoso!!

  3. beachboyy101 says:

    Love the blacks, whites and grays very HOT!!

  4. iso says:

    Are the female models here looking closer to normal people than usual (in regards to weight)?

  5. Meh says:

    I know iso. How dare Calvin Cline use female models with athletic yet feminine curvaceous builds. This is simply an outrage. It’s just not right. Women with thighs that are bigger than their calves should just not be able to model plain and simple. A female model’s legs should be the same circumference from hip bone to ankle. A woman that doesn’t have the shape of a prepubescent child is just that, a woman not a model. You ladies better start hitting that crack pipe if you really want to werk. ;o)

    Anyone that can’t detect my obvious sarcasm need not reply to my post.

  6. It’s a quite nice collection. I think Irina Vodolazova fits well there, same with Kate. ´

  7. officeim says:


  8. Veljko Gavrilovic says:

    Very calm and clean…
    Nice, Mr. Moskovic!


  10. Rachel says:

    I completely agree. Models’ purpose is to show off the clothes. Maybe I’m naive but they are showing off the clothes pretty damn well. And second, who cares if their thighs are bigger? THEY ARE STILL SMALLER THAN 75 % OF WOMEN.

  11. MDC_420289 says:

    All the female models here look a bit bigger than they really are,kate included.

  12. coco says:

    Real women have some shape :)….. Gorgeous!!!!

  13. carola says:

    omg is that Irina Vodolazova??? is she finally getting noticed by the cool designers???

  14. nick says:

    it is nice to see Helle from Ford has a
    real womens body, and not stick

  15. Maxim says:

    Irina Vodolazova!! love her!!she is amazing

  16. Mishy says:

    I’m happy to see Jullien Herrera doing so well! He has an amazing face.

  17. Benjamin says:

    Love !

  18. Fashionwhore says:

    Finally models I can relate to and actually buy cloths.I am not fat or super skinny but my body shape is just like those models body and it is kinda hard to vision cloths on super skinny models on me because they make me want to hit the gym every second.
    I am a working woman with stress and life gym is like the last thing in my mind.So thank you, thank you CK for keeping it real this season in your ads or compaigns.

    Other designers learn from Calvin:) even though we all love you creations.

  19. Janet Stevens says:

    Hey Luke you look great – very James Dean

  20. photogPL says:

    well THOUGHT out Campaign….must I say

  21. Moriah says:

    its very nice to see normal models at the campaign! It was actually highly anticipated that Calvin would do this. But what I’m really excited about is the fact that he had a model with short torso there as well. It may seem weird, but for the longest time I’ve been struggling with the fact that I have a short torso and how I believed it looked masculine and less slender than a longer torsos. But thanks to Calvin I finally see the sexy femininity in both kinds of torsos.

    One of my favorite campaigns by far!