The MIB Winners…

Unpublished image of Evandro Soldati by Cristiano Madureira, courtesy of Made in Brazil.

Almost 200 comments later, we have our 5 winners for our Made in Brazil Magazine giveaway. There were so many wonderful, straight from the heart statements that you have to trust us when we say that it was near impossible to choose our favorites. But whether it’s taking a stand for “male equality”, dreams of high fashion, loving MIB over Vogue, magazine collector extraordinaire or a proud Brazilian, these 5 lucky winners stood out and should be expecting an email soon (make sure to reply by July 18 to our email). Viva Brasil!

Click here to see the website and buy some of the few copies left.

Eduardo Eidam Milian
: Eu acho que eu mereço um exemplar exclusivo desta revista que virá para sensualizar e sensacionalizar os editoriais brasileiros porque eu sou um brasileiro genuíno e posso dizer que já experimentei bastante do Brasil pra saber que não há povo melhor do que o nosso ♥ E também porque eu moro fora de São Paulo (Paraná) e será praticamente impossível eu ter em mãos uma revista de vanguarda e de qualidade como será a Made In Brazil. PS: agradei a revista e a temática da revista, ‘tá na cara’ que eu mereço, não é?

Dreams of Lenny: I can’t give 5 reasons because I simply can’t. All I can say is that I am a country boy who lives next to a cow pasture in rural Louisiana who comes to site everyday for wisdom of fashion and beauty. After all, wouldn’t you when people around here think that Walmart is the epitome of Haute Couture? I have to get the hell up out of here to see the fashion world for myself, but until then I’ll just stay updated with!

Nicholas: They said the weather of Brazil is always hot. But I think that is not just it. The 3 HOT stuffs that cross my mind when the name Brazil appears would be Sunshine, Football, and my all time ‘breath taking factor’ – Models!!! Flip through any magazines and if any sexy models catch your eyes, I guarantee they are mostly from Brazil. They are my learning example, which is why this Made In Brazil magazine means so much to me since there are still a lot of Brazilian male models whom I do not recognize and this is a great opportunity for me to see how talented they are. Not to leave out Cristiano Madureira. Forget about Vogue. Made In Brazil is my new bible!

: OK. Why me.I am a member of MDC, thefashionspot & modelhommes. I participate actively in these forums and make sure to contribute photos I source from websites for the rest to enjoy. I also like that these forums have different members posting and I get to participate in a like-minded community. I am also a frequenter of blogs…. In short I am such a model fan. Also I have a few virtual (online) friends from Brazil who I talk to about male models and the fascination that maybe.. just maybe.. I may get to visit their country one day. It would be epic seeing all the hot bodies parading before my eyes.. And the preview is sooo hot! I think if I saw it in print, my hands will burn. On the off chance that I will be chosen, it will be one of the crowning glories of my magazine collection — which I have maintained throughout the years, spending big bucks to obtain a rare issue of An0ther, Numero Homme and An0ther Man… which aren’t locally sourced here.

Will: Wow… That’s amazing. And how daring to actually make a male model edition before a female one, because Lord knows Brazil has gorgeous women as well (Gisele for example). But to put the men in front is a great message that says men can be sexy too and aren’t second rate models or “accessories” to accompany female models. Simply gender equality. The reason why I would like a copy is because first, I think the idea, content and models are electric, and second, I don’t know how else to get hold of a copy. Cheers!!

  1. Thank you so much for making my dream come true! I couldn’t believe it and express how thrill I am! Thanks.

  2. Really good form. A hard body but with a sensuality that is hot! I love the way the clothes seem to drape on him. Yum.

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