Jeffrey Fashion Cares 2011

Posted by Stephan Moskovic | March 29th, 2011

The 2011 edition of Jeffrey Fashion Cares, the annual charity fashion show that raises money for a slew of LGBT-related causes, including Lambda Legal Defense Fund, Gay Men’s Health Crisis, The Hetrick-Martin Institute and the Lawrence King Memorial Scholarship, broke records of all kinds last night—from the number of tickets sold to the amount of money raised—and saw the event’s first $100,000 table, a promising sign of growth for a tradition that is now celebrating its eighth year in New York. Held on the Intrepid for the second time in a row, Jeffrey Fashion Cares brought a clutch of fashion-world regulars farther west than most of them had probably been since fashion week. Jason Wu and Peter Som were in attendance, along with Crystal Renn and Hanne Gaby Odiele, who watched as Honorary Chair Nate Berkus helped run the pre-show auction. Then the lights went down and “Born This Way” came on, and the top-billed male models came down the runway in the department store’s finest to whoops and cheers from the crowd.
Jeffrey Fashion Cares 2011

Photos: Kevin Tachman
Hipstamatics: Betty Sze
Video: Janelle Okwodu

For more JFC backstage photos check out:
Kevin Tachman’s backstageat blog pt.1 and pt.2

Also see the JFC Casting Preview on MDX here

Text: Jonathan Shia

Casting: Andrew Weir
Production: Monicka HanssenTeele

Opening shot- Parker Gregory, Ellis McCreadie
2- Various Models in video
3- Twelve models (Hipstamatics):
top row: Brian Shimansky, Din Yates, Simon Nessman;
2nd row: Cole Mohr, Vincent LaCrocq, Seth Kuhlmann;
3rd row: Thiago Santos, Clint Mauro, David Agbodji
4th row: Aaron O’Connell, Parker and Ellis, William Eustace
4-Francisco Lachowski, Evandro Soldati, Arthur Sales
6-Monicka HanssenTeele and River Viiperi
7-David Agbodji, Blake Kuchta
8-Jamie Jewitt
9-Parker Hurley, Matt Gontier
10-Ellis M
11-Brian, Aaron, Seth, Parker
12-Charlie Westerberg, Simon Nessman, Aaron, Linus Gustin
13-Simon on runway
14-Sean Harju on runway

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20 Comments to “Jeffrey Fashion Cares 2011”

  1. G8S7 says:

    Aaron is everything!!!

  2. julia says:

    Seriously wonderful photos guys! Sad had to miss it this year :X

  3. TeeVanity says:

    Aaron is so cool, nice guy – well all of them were actually.

  4. Teng says:

    You skipped the hipstamatics 3rd row: ??, Clint, David.
    Aaron, Parker and Ellis, and Eustace is actually 4th row.

  5. Hester says:

    Simon Nessman and Brian Schimansky are unreal, especially Brian. those eyes are so ethereal!

  6. Safari Disco Club says:

    River Vilperi is so adorable!

  7. Safari Disco Club says:

    I know this is so random and embarrassing to tell, but Simon Nessman reminded me of Olivia Palermo when he was speaking in the video.

  8. betty says:

    Teng! Good eye.. it’s updated.

  9. Avon says:

    Simon is stunning! Love his everything…perfect features, especially the distinct eyebrows!

  10. poo says:

    David A. is so adorable.

  11. taddy says:

    UAHHH…Evandro is looking amazing!!!!
    His pic with NY black cap is breathless.
    All the guys are looking great.
    Congrats to Jeffrey.

  12. Carl says:


  13. Pham says:


  14. Gerard says:

    Parker Hurley’s starting to be one of my favorites. He seems like such a fun guy to be with. And those tats. Amazing. I’m justs curious how they’re there sometimes, and then on other photos they’re gone (hahahah).

  15. Gerard says:

    Oh…MY bad. I had the two Parkers confused.

  16. oscarG says:

    Great photos! I like Simons hair!

  17. jacob says:

    out of all the model names i hoped i could click to get more info on, AARON!!!’s is blacked-out, uuuuurrgggg!!

  18. charlton says:

    SImon is my favourite male model. That face..i’ll melt.

  19. Avshi says:

    Aaron O’connell, the perfect man…
    wish I had a body like his…