Could It Be?

Tanya D/IMG. Ph. Laurie Bartley for Vogue Nippon April 06

I’m all for the bangs straight across a la Heather Bratton for Vogue Italia’s February 2006 issue. But it seems like the bar has been raised — literally — if the haircuts Patricia Schmid and Tanya Dziahileva sport for Vogue Paris and Vogue Nippon this month are any evidence.

Patricia Schmidt/ Nathalie (Paris). Ph.Andreas Sjodin for Vogue Paris April 06

Those blasted bowl cuts — the ones we all had when Mom still thought it was cute to cut your hair — are they the new haircut? It can’t be.

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  1. hate to say looks like it look at the guys[really cute guys too]at the JilSanders spring summer 2010 show every single male model had the style and its ment to becoming back for guys in spring and summer 2010 thise year omg help us girls my boyfriend has the style but he got it before xmas as he was coping a guy from the anime Dragonball some guy called Trunks has lilic hair in the style so hate to say thise yeah i think its coming back but i doubt it will have guys flocking to salons more for the runway

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