Remember last season’s iconic muse themed campaign for Prada featuring multiple lovelies looking divine in Muiccia’s finest? The powers that be at Prada have reimagined the ad as a tribute to who else – girl of the moment Natasha Poly. With a quick series of edits and a decidedly tongue in cheek flair they turn the campaign into an all Poly extravaganza. But Prada isn’t the only label that is Natasha obsessed – it seems Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci is head over heels for Miss Poly as well. See even more of why designers can’t get enough of Natasha’s charms in the exclusive previews of Muse’s new issue only at

View the homepage animation here

  1. Its as though she has on every pic different facial expressions. But its only one. Illusion.

    Ps at Betty: Strange, but as I wanted to comment it was: “Logged in as betty. Logout »”. But no fear, I have logged out and wrote on my own.

  2. Oh my gosh,poly totally deserves this,natasha is the next gisele,sooner or later…

  3. Would love to see her at an actual Prada campaign.

    The previews are just mind-blowing! I must say this tribute is way better than Vogue Russia’s. I have been loving the previews and I want more!

  4. this is the next level of an model…… its weird: I wasn;t expectin that for Poly…. She is one of the most powerful models of our time or at least my generation bsides Gisele… She is came across diva, catwalk queen, artistic, now Muse….. Who ever found her and thank you and to her parents thank you, she can tell it has not gone to the head….

  5. yeah Jonny,well said ,someone has the guts to say loudly what the majority think,please make fashion fresh again ,take risk be exiting once more ,it’s all to safe nowadays ,no more Tributes as it’s the convenient way to say ,sorry don’t have ideas …It’s time to get visual education because ,we are visually deficient by now !
    we need visionary people ,thank you

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