Anja Rubik in “Lost Me”


Keeping busy is Anja Rubik’s MO, whether it’s full-time modeling, running her own 25 Magazine, creating a fragrance, or collaborating with likeminded creatives–like Mary Komasa, the Polish singer whose music video for “Lost Me” Rubik stars. In the video the Polish model makes her way down a runway stripping bare before being embraced by the singer. All this culminating in a symbolic crescendo. How did such a provocative and vulnerable concept take shape? The answer is mutually, says Rubik, “We are both very creative women so it was great to connect about all our different projects. Mary spoke to me about her music, how she creates, her sound and I spoke about my different projects like 25. We decided our energies worked well together and that we should do something.”

With her plate constantly full, Anja Rubik isn’t one to jump into a creative project she isn’t invested, and judging by video, her own experiences served as the visual thrust and a jumping off place to bring to form Komasa’s sound. “Mary’s brother, Jan Komasa is a very well known movie director, so we all got together to come up with the concept.” Its commentary is charged and layered, especially the final the allusion to an explosion. “It’s about the feeling of being trapped (in your own state of mind, relationship, career or surroundings), desperate to find a way to break through. It’s about finding the inner courage to blow up the system, which is very often something that we build up in our own head. You have to discover your own existence, place on earth, identity. It’s about a liberation from the fear of judgement,” says Rubik. To explore that place is touch-and-go, fraught with possibilities for misunderstanding, so everyone needed to be on the same wavelength, “We actually took it further than we originally thought it would go because it felt organic and right. I have such a strong bond with Mary so it was a really powerful moment and a beautiful experience that I will always remember.”


Though, from the beginning, the concept was deeply personal to both Anja and Mary, Anja believes its message can resound beyond those familiar with the fashion industry and their own struggles, “I think every person can relate to the message of the video. Sometimes there are moments in our life…in a job, a relationship, a certain point that we have this feeling and are in need of major change and in order to do that we must find the courage to take a risk, lose that fear of being judged and enter the unknown.”

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