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The house of Salvatore Ferragamo has always resonated with elevated, timeless glamour and craftsmanship. Credited as creating the first wedge shoe, an undoubtable closet staple, Ferragamo is no stranger to fun, inventive, and quirky creations for the accessories of life. Bag designer Sara Battaglia easily matches this fun spirit and has teamed up with the Italian luxury house to create a colorful capsule collection inspired by the iconic 1938 Rainbow shoe designed for Judy Garland. We talked to the talented designer about the vivid collaboration, her design signature, and why she’s been drawn to handbags since she was prepubescent.

I read that you crafted your first bag at 6! What made you first want to start designing?
Since I was a baby, I was drawing and drawing clothes and accessories, so I think it has been written in my DNA! I always had a passion for bags, I think they are the most important accessory for a woman. Plus, handbags are not part of the body of a woman so I can play more with shapes and be more free to create!

How was it pairing up with such a prestigious house at Salvatore Ferragamo?
It’s such a great honor for me to work with Salvatore Ferragamo. A real ambassador of “Made in Italy” all over the world. The brand is so full of history, heritage, appeal and elegance that have evolved through decades, capable to conquer every single woman’s sensibility and desire.

Why did you focus on the famous rainbow wedge for inspiration for the bag collaboration?
The rainbow wedge is an example of beauty and I was free to invent and play with materials and colors, reinventing the codes of the brand DNA, while keeping the distinctive elements that made the Rainbow an example of modernity that still lives today.

Salvatore Ferragamo 1938 Rainbow Wedge


What is it that draws you to your signature bright, vivid colors?
My real signature is the use of fringes as they became part of my creations, but also bright colors and materials are one of my distinctive elements as on bags they complete the look, an everyday outfit becomes special and unique. They make women want to wear my bags! A woman doesn’t have to be scared of matching colors!

Your designs always have a sense of fun and charm in them. Do you try and bring those ideals into your everyday life?
Of course I do! I always try to face everyday life with a positive attitude, as I think that it really makes the difference!

What makes a handbag such a special accessory? 
We carry our life in them. Nowadays, we have a very active life so I wanted to create designs that could be worn from the morning to an evening cocktail, bags that complete the look and give a sexy touch. I first choose handbags because I like the idea that a woman puts a part of her life inside of them. Moreover, even if you wear an easy outfit like a basic shirt and pants, with the right bag you can give a twist to your outfit. And women need to feel special, from morning to evening!

Sara Battaglia
Sara Battaglia

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