A Major Proposition: Alexandrina


Alexandrina/ Major Model Management PH: Jonanthan Leder

The crackle is the air, the new girls are practicing the walk and casting directors are marking off the hottest new  propositions as early as possible. One early hit is Alexandrina at Major who seems to be flashing all the right blue chip credentials right this minute. OTM adore the lines on this one and is running over to the Major office to video this intriguing newcomer. Stay tune for that exclusive.

  1. Alexandrina Turcan, she is from Moldovia. Until now I havent seen any model from this country in fashion (unfortunately the poorest country in Europe). Good for her.

  2. Very cool angles… she will probably have an incredible chameleon quality when she learns to do something other than leave her mouth slightly open.

  3. There’s another model from Moldavia, Nadejda Savcova, think she was an Elite Europe girl originally. She had a great look, should’ve been huge but oh well..

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