Moments of the Year: 10. Models Taking a Stand

For a long time models, like children, were supposed to be seen but not heard. Stories of bookings drying up or models being banished from sets after being too opinionated or vocal backstage or in the press have always circulated. And while we absolutely agree that a certain level of professionalism is needed by anyone in any profession, criticism heaped upon models by the media and general public can go virtually unchecked. But 2015 has seen a change in that, with some models taking advantage of their large social media followings, unique life experience, and/or high profile status to take a stand. Whether it was Gigi Hadid replying to the countless body shamers on instagram, Nykhor Paul putting makeup artists unprepared (or unwilling) to work on darker skin tones on blast, or Josephine Skriver responding to ‘synthetic’ baby comments, this year has shown more than ever that models have thoughts, ideas, opinions and experiences that need to be included in the discussion.

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I am a child born of love and nothing else. #IAmNotSynthetic #IVF

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Dear white people in the fashion world! Dear fashion world! Dear black people in the fashion world. Beauty is diverse and considering all the crazy conversations about this post we have a problem in the fashion world. We have a narrow definition of what beauty is and what it represents. I am so grateful this season to share talks with women of all backgrounds about what it means to be beautiful in your own skin. We need to have a healthy dialogue about this epidemic without hiding behind racism. Instead of mimicking white beauty we need to accept ourselves first and our culture in order to understand ourselves truly. Indigenous beauty rule #RefugeeGirl #southsudan #peaceforAfrica #peaceforsouthsudan #WeAreNilotic #BlueBlack #BlueBlackGirlsRock #BlackModelsRock #NiloticQueen #NiloticGirl #WalkingArt #BeautyandPeace #modellife #modelsforcause #africangirlsrock #beautyisdiverse #BlackBird #Africanstakingover #onepeople #onetribe #oneAfrica #oneworld #ILOVEAFRICA

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