Stockholm Syndrome



Stockholmsgruppen has been scouting up a storm as evidenced by these snaps sent over to our inbox. The trio of beauties, Erik and Harald, scouted at a music festival and Frida (who just opened Valentino Couture last week) prove that the Scandinavian waters are a perpetual source of essential faces.




Frida (also with IMG Paris)

  1. wow Frida is really gorgeous!!! love her eyebrows and her mouth, and that mole

  2. All of them are amazing. Erik and Frida in particular. Erik is so androgynous, it’s amazing, and Frida is incredibly pretty. Those lips are amazing.

  3. Utterly amazing, I’m excited to see where they go, Frida will book again and again, and again. Its just the beginning :) … I’m kind of thinking Harold may get lost in the rosters?

    …. I hope Erik cuts his hair eventually..

  4. Swedish invasion!

    last season it was all about dutch, now all about swedish models.

    FRIDA IS GORGEOUS. Not only that she has a strong, capturing, fresh look but she also has a great sense of style, and the way she is captured on camera, oh dear: just breathtaking!

    guys are great. i always enjoy seeing blond man on runway. Erik could have a great makeover, and surprise as all. even though it would be cool, to keep the hair. Harold: obviously 2 cute ^_^

  5. FRIDA – there’s epic beauty! Eternal comic character features meet classic beauty and everlasting cuteness. With IMG – if she’s strong person, there will be long and good career.

  6. Harold is stunning!!! Love his mannequin face!!..
    He’s ready for the store window!!

  7. The Scandinavian waters are a perpetual source of essential faces – yes and good old times like names lik Erik H Nelson is appriciated…

  8. Wow, when I see them I think ‘ice god(ess)’ But I just love the way they ar all so feminine and mysterious makes you want to look!

  9. What are their ages, anyone know?Frida Gustavsson is an absolute doll. I love her fresh face, and high forehead. Interesting look really. Harold is breathtaking, and striking at first glance, but does have many common model features. He needs stay blonde, and needs something to set him apart….Im not sure what though. Erik’s “sad” eyes, as they pull down at the sides, and his sort of “not of this century” look, combined with Adrogynous look which I personally feel is the future transition of models for fashion runway, really sets him apart from the many male models I have seen. He is classic as futuristic, and has that imperfect perfection.

    Pretty cool. Funny my school librarian’s name in Detroit, Mi was Gustavsson growing up. Can’t be related! ;)

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