Elite Sweep


What do these three pristine new Elite belles have in common? Apart from first names starting with M’s that is. That would be the kind of fresh faced beauty and long lone lines that will drive casting directors mad come the Spring 2010 shows. There must be something in that cool mountain air in Utah that makes for immaculate skin.  Expect a stampede to that Salt Lake City  sensibility this week.



  1. The 2nd girl, Mckenzi is absolutely beautiful, imagine her with her hair pulled back :)

  2. Megan is an all-american natural beauty! Tall, slim, gorgeous figure, and striking eyes… camera loves her! Would like to see her smile– :-)

  3. That second girl would starve waiting for work compared to our models. The first one is okay, and the third is a winner, hands down…

  4. Utah is bursting at the seams with girls like these. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that Elite has opened scouting offices here…

  5. All of the girls here are AMAZING !!!! BUT why are there no BLACK or for that matter women of color ? Elite AMAZING comes in Alot of colors.

  6. Michaela is fantastic. I wouldnt particularly deem her as “short” 174cm is not so bad. Many many of the models you see out on the runways are truly, fact, around that height. Although their compcards say 5’10. Clearly her height “disadvantage” was not noticed by elite and they see a star in her. As do I. Her lips are sensational and she has such a unique profile. “Short” girls rock! x

  7. Sali – Girls of color ROCK, but Elite’s scouting efforts in Utah are mostly about the blonde white girls – we have a ton of them here. Black girls are scarce in Salt Lake City, unfortunately!

    We need more of them. =)

  8. I think Megan presents an air of mysterious sohistication…with a bunch of good times brimming beneath the surface. Her look is unique …all American…with an edge. Michaela looks great, as well

  9. Watch for Amanda Storch from Utah. Girl with color and absolutely stunning!! 5’10

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