Interview: Sissy Vian

Sissy Vian a stylist whose career includes assignments with Helmut Newton and Katja Rahlwes is the latest One Management interview subject. Tune in to this exclusive preview as Christopher Michael investigates the particular and precise tastepoint of Miss Vian.

SISSY VIAN // Guest interview by One Management‘s Christopher Michael //
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Q. What’s the most memorable shoot of your entire career? If you had to choose only one that most accurately sums up the brand of Sissy Vian…pray tell…
Every shooting is its ‘own moment’, memorable. If I have to remember one in particular, it would for sure be the last shooting I did with Helmut Newton, a unique talent, legendary.

Q. There is such a mixture of passions within the realm of our business. Yours seems to pervade the usual obsession with clothes. What would you say the most important element of the shoot is for you?
It is surely not the obsession with clothes, but the gathering of the moment, an immortal instant, a force while doing it, that becomes a message for the future.

Q. I often feel like I am repeating myself when interviewing a stylist or photographer by asking this question, but who is the stylist you hold in the highest regard, the most inspiring amongst them you?
In my job there are many stylists that inspire, however I’ve always taken my inspiration from true real women with important character; that have their own style, and their own unique visions of life (for example; Frida Kahlo).

Q. After the initial runway debut of the designer’s collections they go on to be reinterpreted by such creative forces as yourself in the pages of various fashion bibles.. When assembling the looks for a story, do you always prepare in advance or is it more of an organic process that occurs while on set?
In general, I take off from an idea from a film, a book, and from maximum concepts. However I never know exactly what and how I will shoot.  For me it is a work in progress, something that is born and then develops on set.

Q. People love to say that New York is the Center of the Art World, but what do you feel that New York is to Fashion?
For sure New York is the “bellybutton” (melting pot) of the world; a place where everything is possible, transmutable, and changeable – This is why regarding fashion, it is surely a place “young” , offered and receivable and where a talent has the possibilities to make oneself noticeable and express oneself without being judged too severely.

Q. You started at Italian Vogue, and then you left to go freelance. How does being an in-house editor compare to that of the Freelance world?
In the actual state of the things as a freelancer, is that every day is an ARENA, in order to conquer ones place alone. However in-house edition, perhaps has a bit less liberty but more security.

Q. Many look at Fashion as an evolving process forever changing, what would you say is the most revolutionary change achieved in the Arena of Fashion in the past 20 years?
“The Sneakers”

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