Listomania Part 2


Now that the Fall campaigns have been released to a September issue near you, we figured it was about time for a refresh of the men’s rankings. The biggest news on our front is Simon Nessman‘s step up to number one on the Money List, thanks in part to his multiyear Acqua di Giò Essenza fragrance contract and yet another ultra-glamorous Michael Kors campaign. Matthew Terry, he of the famed Super Bowl Calvin Klein underwear spot, moves up to number three on the Top 50, with the consistent Sean O’Pry and Clement Chabernaud holding their spots at the top.

Several Hot List members graduate to the Top 50, booking campaigns consistently for two seasons as well as appearing in some of F/W 13’s biggest ads. Sung Jin Park, Travis Smith, Matthew Bell, Nicola Wincenc, Mikkel Jensen, Benjamin Jarvis, and Tidiou M’Baye take their places alongside the industry’s biggest faces while making room for a new crop of Hot Listers. Only time will tell which of the newbies will make the jump next time around.

  1. Great job MDC, the most accurate Top 50 has been in a long time. (Clement is overdue for that #1 spot though.) I still think the rankings (specifically Women’s) should be updated more often than every six months.

  2. I agree with Niknak, I don’t understand the update system every six months. A lot can happen in six months. Ranking should be updated more often. Whoever came up with the idea of updating only twice a year is a failure.

  3. Funny you should all mention that. We will be updating rankings more frequently with the start of this season.



  4. Sean is an Icon like Simon. He’s much more than a model. Marlon is back… wow! But wouter & Banjamin are my favs. And I am totally impressed by the “French team”: Clément, Baptiste, Arthur, Adrien…

  5. If Simon is #1 on the Money List and not on the Top 50 anymore, shouldn’t he be in the Icon List? As well as Sean?

  6. Even though Clement is no.2 its strange he has no following at all.

    You should just see their facebook fan pages, etc. Sean O’Pry, Simon Nessman, Benjamin Eidem, Arthur Gosse and likes beat him by miles.

  7. Really Hanyeng??? What do Facebook likes have to do with his actual success as a fashion model?

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