Ferragamo S/S 14 Men’s


There was a very sporty freshness to Salvatore Ferragamo‘s Spring 2014 collection, from the vibrant colors to the tech fabrics to the immense graphic numerals that fronted several shirts like a series of so many team jerseys. But while the tank tops and oversized shorts looked ready for the basketball court, the show had an appealing maturity as well, as in Abel van Oeveren’s smart color-blocked baseball jacket, a very grown-up upgrade of an all-American classic. Designer Massimiliano Giornetti sent out several impressive pieces of outerwear, from Alexander Beck’s opening brown trench to Joe Collier’s crisp white parka and Linus Gustin’s bright orange jacket, which popped in contrast to a second inner layer of muted gray. Several of the looks were sleeveless, but the sturdy construction and materials kept them looking smart rather than sloppy. The palette may not have quite reached the dizzying rainbow variety of the current Spring collection, but Giornetti was clearly in a bright mood, with primary blues and greens playing off a washed-out teal and a soft burnt brown, adding a playful touch to the brand’s long heritage of Italian craftsmanship.

Text by Jonathan Shia
Images by Giacomo Cosua for Models.com











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