Top 10 Newcomer (Paris): Alla

Alla Kostromichova/Women Direct. Image courtesy of Women Direct

After walking for the likes of Calvin Klein, Donna Karan and Alexander Wang in New York, Jil Sander and Gianfranco Ferre in Milan, Alla sped into Paris and conquered the market with opening slots for YSL and McQueen and high profile turns for Balenciaga and Vuitton. This girl has got the avid attention of all the editors and photographers right this minute.

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  1. love her look.

    was she the one who almost tripped at Dior’s Spring Summer 2009 show?

  2. she’s by far the prettiest newcomer ive seen in a long time!!! those high cheekbones are just perfection!!!

  3. I like how she put a little more effort into her pose & expression than the other nine newcomers.

  4. aXel I too am loving the brows! I have probably expressed my undying love for defined eyebrows on more than an ample amount of times!
    Her eyes are so intense and bold. They are really captivating and intriguing. You get a sort of “energy” from such a simple shot. She’s really conveying her personality and look very well. A sort of, “BAM” in your face stare! (haha)

  5. i remember Alla from Beijing – she didn’t work at all there and i just told her GIRL! you need to go to Paris – and she say only oh thank you :)
    She is very good girl:))

    kisses ALLA good luck !!!!!!!!

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