1. She is absolutely sensational and by far my favourite new face.
    Although there are several beautiful and interesting new faces this season, Stephanie here takes the cake (and Im sure she’d eat it too :) ). In my personal opinion, she is going to be one of those “blue chip” girls because looking at her from these photos, she looks as though she can be very versatile and not to mention has a seemingly adorable personality. Not only will she stomp her away to stardom on the runway by walking for the likes of Prada (check there already) Chanel and other major fashion houses, she will be the girl you’ll be eyeing up and down through various editorials (i.e. Numero), signing the beauty campaigns (i.e. Maybelline) and possibly even VS. I think her along with Arlenis (who I still consider fairly new just breaking in this year) are two to watch out for EVERYWHERE.
    Expect big things! You go girl.

    Aside from having the abili

  2. like her a lot, she seems to have cool personlity. and she is so beautful, she even remindes me on… aaaaaaa, cant remeber the name exactly, but i rember that the girl was short and compared to kate moss. what’s her name… so many names, cant remember. anyway absolutely fresh! love her.

  3. Interesting girl. Striking, but not too conventional. She even looked good at Prada, which was no mean feat this season. Excellent debut, but that’s all it is; a start. Let’s wait and see what’s next…

  4. She instantly reminds me of Giselle Bundchen, only improved. I can see her doing high fashion or more commercial.

  5. Hi anonymous.
    No I am not her agent. Or anything in relation to her. Just a fan that see’s potential in this fellow newcomer.
    I know talent when I see it is all. I guess you may say I have an “eye.” Or even two. x

  6. Steph! Im so happy for you babbbbaaaaa! my little (big) sister all grown up :) x

  7. age is not published beacuse shes underage, and she was aloud to walk at prada, even though shes 15.

  8. Ideally, there would only be girls over 16 on the runway, but I don’t think 15 is shocking. She’s the same age as this season’s “star”, Monika Jagaciak, who walked everything from Calvin to Versace. And you don’t believe that Addison or Auguste are REALLY 16, do you? That doesn’t make it right, but it’s not that big of a deal either, in my opinion.

  9. Please STOP Casting U-age and SKINNY Girlz……
    This is very very out of Fashion and totaally OLD FASHION.
    Come on and be COOL.

  10. I love blonde hair and dark eyes! She has a distinct jaw – and looks like a “prettier” Jacquetta Wheeler.

  11. starting with a Prada show is a big thing for sure..but a first big thing doesnt mean she (or they ) will be uge in one season…there are too many and they all look almost the same..the very last unique thing s Iris S ( wich in the end s a more commercila version of Kristin McKenemi)

  12. not only is stef one of my best friends but she is the nicest person and prettiest!!!
    shes amazing and shes gonna make it BIG!!!

  13. i’ve seen some new photos of her she looks great,shes stunning!and someone to look out for in the future shes very unique and has amazing features!!

  14. ive seen new photos of her i think. shes done a spread in 10 magazine and the new look book for cos i must say she looks quite scary in cos otherwise she looks beautiful

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