An Audacious Debut: WM Model Management+Fashion Consulting

As a freshly formed Paris based management company, WM certainly caught our attention when their model, Johanna Kneppers stalked out at Balenciaga FW 09.  But the founders of WM, Bruno Jamagne and Frederico Denti certainly are dedicated to the full service ideal given their intent to combine a model management unit with a fashion consulting bureau which spans everything from brand management to celebrity focused services. The ideal thing about the proposition is the way WM offers a concise platform for a variety of talent, whether a model (like Miss Kneppers), an emerging shoe designer (like Raphael Young), or a celebrity looking for some kind of compass to navigate the very hermetic world of European advertising, celebrity endorsement and personal appearances. What OTM finds even seductive is the ability of WM to cross-introduce these different forms of talent: model, designer, celebrity to each other. That cross-referencing, apart from being a powerful social weapon is also a very innovative business model. Which goes to prove that in our current environment it is innovation that now looms as the most coveted commodity imaginable. For more details check out the freshly launched WM site at:

  1. very interesting thing for an agency and great start.
    and this model is SOMETHING OUT OF THIS WORLD.
    she is so gorgeus,the face is so strong and powerful!!!! LOVE HER

  2. This is the future way to handle things – you play with mass of people or then you handle the big picture. Why to concentrate only models’ measurements and face, when you have the whole person to work with. And develope. That can make the development work also bring fruitful benefit much longer. Good luck guys! If there’s any needed… :)

  3. Wow very refreshing!
    Finally we have here what we call a NEW FACE, Joanna is gorgeous!
    I can’t wait to see the other beauties of this new agency.

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