Fashion Week’s Finest : Sophie Theallet

Sophie Theallet in her studio | Photo by Bjorn Iooss for Vogue Japan

Spring is the season of rebirth, renewal and for designer Sophie Theallet, freedom. On the heels of a Woolmark prize and one of her best collections ever, Theallet has cemented her status as one of the most important design talents of the moment. Theallet’s feminine, exquisitely detailed dresses are staples on the runway and the red carpet, plus a newly inked deal with The Limited means we’ll be seeing even more of her designs. MDC caught up with the talented Madame Theallet to find out more about that stellar collection, her influences and what’s next for her burgeoning fashion empire. 

MDC: What has inspired you for Spring?

Sophie Theallet: Freedom, I feel the world is divided between two opposite ways of thinking; one who is looking forward and another mentality that wants to go backwards. So this collection is inspired by a woman who doesn’t subscribe to anything that does not make sense for her, she is grounded and cultured yet at the same time a dreamer, eccentric, and free. I also loved the idea of the happenings in the 60 s- where chic people would attend events and would never know what would happen next and be transported out of their daily lives and experience something new.

MDC: Who is the Sophie Theallet woman?

Sophie Theallet: Our woman is her own self, she does not believe in dress codes, she is naturally chic and open to the world, she travels, enjoys different cultures. She is a fearless woman who embraces diversity …she loves to be surprised by her lover, by art, by music… She cannot stand routine and she certainly does not want to come back to the old way of thinking….

MDC: In your opinion what is the must have piece for Spring?

Sophie Theallet: Deconstructed organza dresses with colorful knitwear, sensual silk cotton dresses, ethereal dragonflies…not Bohemian dressing, Chic open-minded wardrobe.

MDC: You recently won the International Woolmark prize – how can women incorporate knitwear into their wardrobes for Spring / Summer?

Sophie Theallet: You will see shortly!

MDC: Can you tell us a little about your exciting new collaboration with The Limited?

Sophie Theallet: I am so happy with it! It’s a great match based on respect, I love working with the Limited team,They are here for me , I am here for them! it’s a long term relationship, I want to offer to the Limited customer the perfect dress for any occasion, I am happy that any woman can have a ST design! made and thought just for them in mind.

MDC: What do you think women are looking for when it comes to fashion right now?

Sophie Theallet: They are looking for brands and clothes that make them feel a certain way, a great dress can add magic and mystery to what otherwise would be an ordinary day.

MDC: What’s next for Sophie Theallet?

Sophie Theallet: Let’s see, it is all happening right now!

See the Sophie Theallet Spring/Summer 2013 Show in our MDX feature story

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