1. My mate is going to kill paris and Milan as hopefully so will I!

    and he doesn’t have the same pose in every picture ‘models get better with time’

  2. Core give Luke a break blimey! This guy has done alot in a very short space of time and is getting better and better. Booking some wicked jobs and loving what his doing, he has a fantastic attitude and works hard. Luke is off to Paris and Milan in January and big things are expected..long may it continue. Nice one to the guy who put a link to show just some of the work Luke has done..check it out..AMAZING

  3. thanks headshot london for adding my link, and Janet for recommending to view the images. It’s take some time to load it though… Yep Luke is amazing keeping in mind that he has only modeled for barely just 2 months when i shot him. I really look forward to his debut show in Milan and Paris in Jan. I’m all excited about his model career. he’s not only very good looking but has a very nice character to match. I’m sure he’ll go far.

  4. luke is doin gr8 x x is in new york at mo enjoying every minute x good luck 2 him x x

  5. sooo cool, wicked attitude and great style :)
    doing very well!! Luke + Eliza!!

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