1. too much photoshop on this polas…she looks pretty but we can’t really see!

  2. ^^ how can you tell? :s

    Anyways I’m glad to see pols where the colours are not muted! She look nice.

  3. So refreshing to see young girls becoming there dreams. She has that supermodel look. I wish her all the luck i the world in getting her dreams.

  4. I’m pretty sure that the polaroids are not Photoshopped.
    Some agencies use old Polaroid cameras or different types
    of film to get a certain look.


  5. Hi all,
    We took these poloroids of Hattie and none are retouched. She is just amazing looking.
    Hannah @ Select

  6. the images really don’t look photoshopped – perhaps what Yelena should think about is the fact that they might have been taken with a digital camera instead of a polaroid which would keep them much clearer and brighter.

    Maybe next time Yelena might get it right..

    Hattie looks incredible, Select have got some great new girls at the moment – they’re gonna rock this season…

  7. this girl is amazing!!!

    the best new face i have seen in years

    watch this space……

  8. Listen to Ian, i have met this girl in the flesh and she rocks..

  9. theyre not touched up – this girl is one of my best friends and shes absolutely beautiful! im so proud of her

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