Red Hot Coco

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MDC caught up with Coco Rocha at the bash to celebrate her new Rootstein mannequin. The supermodel on the go talks her holiday plans, what it’s like to be immortalized for all the fashion world to see and of course her much talked about hair color change. Red is the new Coco and of course it looks amazing. Stay tuned for even more flame haired Coco as her latest American Vogue editorial (for which her hair was dyed) hits newsstands today! Check out the gallery below, all photos by MDC. (Special thanks to Hila/Christina at Fullpic, Micki/Elite).

  1. yes! coco! im so proud of her!!!!!! i love u coco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. go girl!!!
    it reminds me of the tyra banks barbie doll movie, but i like the idea.
    where can i steal one of those??? would love to have coco gracing the living room in my favorite dress… no payment though ;P

  3. omg i love coco so much she beautiful on the outside and the inside and thats why i loves her

  4. yeah, no matter how it looks babeee… its tha inside that counts… tha inside that counts ( double LOL ;D how do you know???)

    anyway the doll just like her origal are both looking fierce

  5. love her! seems very sweet and humble

    I especially love, “we love h&M”; classic!

  6. can someone pls get this girl on VICTORIA SECRET?? PLEASE? she walk fierce and she is damn sexy and sweet… if behati can be the face of pink and jess stam walked for the show 2 yrs..why not her? why?? i dont understand.did u guys watch the show this year, half the models suck no one come close to coco

  7. Coco is much more than Victoria Secret. She’s just not VS material… i’d rather picture her for Jean Paul Gaultier, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Lanvin etc

  8. I love coco , she also hot in China !!!I wish i cloud see her in someday

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