1. Soooooo beautiful!!!!!!!! Welcome to the fashion world Michael. I will keep an eye out for you.

  2. Forgot to mention. Agents, do not, and I mean do not let models get tattoos.
    The industry is really suffering at the moment. I have seen so many amazing models that were turned away because of the ink. Clients do not want that look any more. If you want your guys and girls to work, stop it!!!! We need to sell and I am worried that it is going to get worst for us.
    Michael, dude you rock!!!!

  3. Michael ressemble fortement à Mathias Lauridsen mais ses traits sont plus grossiers…

  4. I totally agree with Mark. We hear that from clients all the time. Its cool for editorials but thats about it. When it comes to the money clients, they dont want models with tattoos.
    So keep the bodies clean from inc.
    And Michael is a beauty.

  5. He’s cute boy but I personally would like to see a return to handsome, masculine men.

  6. he looks soo young n innocent. n more universtity student than a fashion model in him, i think.

  7. He looks like Mathis Lauridsen cool face, & great body structure!
    I’d love to be the model of the next week…

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