Dsquared Men

Why go with the flow when you can run against it? In a season that has been all lightness and air—and Crayola colors—Dsquared2 designers Dean and Dan Caten proved they can think outside the trends with a collection that was stark, simple, and very tough. The Catens went to their old standbys of leather and denim, but used them in interesting ways, as in the blue-jean patch with floral ornamentation that decorated the front of Benjamin Eidem’s otherwise plain white shirt. There was also a borderline obsession with neckwear, whether it be miles of chains, sharp and skinny black ties, or Jacob Coupe’s turtleneck. There were some small splashes of pink, seemingly a concession to the inescapable direction for Spring, but this was otherwise DSquared being DSquared, disregarding the seasonal whims.

Text by Jonathan Shia
Photos by Dirk Alexander

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  1. Love the photos at the end. Good cast. The lighting must have been a bit not normal because a lot of sites have catwalk pictures where the faces look strange. They look normal here (and good, in fact).

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