Iselin: Girl Most Wanted

Iselin/Women Paris: Digital: Wayne exclusively for MDC

This morning in Paris OTM popped by the Women Paris office where we caught a glimpse of the rarest of sightings…Iselin the model virtually every client in the business is itching to book. She’s obviously in town for shows…or is that A SHOW. Stay tuned to those Paris catwalks to see where this most coveted girl will surface.

  1. I am soo still loving Iselin, her editorial presense to me is the stuff of lengend!!! Come back boo!!!

  2. I love Iselin……she’s Great!!! She’s like the Kristen McMennamy of her time. Editorial Queen Iselin……oh wait!

    Natalia Vodianove is the Best Editorial Model of All Time!

  3. Kristen McMenamy? You can’t compare the two. Kristen is much, much, MUCH more major.

  4. for redredruby78:

    Of course, Kristen Mcmenamy was major, because on her time Supermodels are considered as rockstars. I was comparing Iselin to Kristen coz they have that same Qirky, androgynous appeal…..

  5. I AGREE SHE IS THE “NEW” KRISTEN but more prettier. For my generation. She is so such rare model… She is going to more like Malgosia and Guinvere Van Seemus where she can leave and comeback at any time and Fashion will have her booked some where. She very powerful as a model. One of Favorites.

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