Top 10 Newcomer SS09 (NY): Iris

Supreme’s Iris rocketed into New York with the strength of that editorial stamp from Steven Meisel in Vogue Italia as well as a clutch of campaigns for D&G, Pollini and Gap. But it is Iris’s immaculate presence on the catwalk with her perfect body lines and sleek beauty that has rendered her one of the most sought after models of the season. That veneer of sophistication she carries will be note perfect in Europe where her cool elegance will serve those chic designs very well. Iris stopped by the MDC offices on the last Friday of the NY shows to talk about her off-runway activities.

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  1. Hey, why don’t you highlight some of the amazing minority models who have debuted in NYC to great success (Sessilee, Liu, Lakshmi, Arlenis, etc.) instead of perpetuating the white androids.

  2. Hey A,

    We’re not done with top newcomers! But just FYI, this is
    Sessilee’s 4th year as a model, she was my model of the week
    back in 2004, I believe. Also, Lakshmi, with Givenchy and Hermes
    campaigns under her belt, hardly qualifies her as a newcomer.

    But wait till you see who we have later today and to round out
    the week. Why are we perpetuating the white androids? We are just
    reporting on who did well… You should tell all the designers
    who booked all these girls that you feel this way. And aren’t you
    practicing a little reverse racism here? Making comments about
    these girls because they are white? And why are they androids?
    Just because they don’t look like Gisele Bundchen and her curves?
    Designers need girls who are beautiful canvases on which to drape
    their clothes. Do you consider Iris an android also because she
    talks in a very mellow way? She’s German and English is probably
    not her first language, people usually speak a little slower when
    it’s not their first language. Maybe she’s just a mellow person!
    Maybe she’s tired from Fashion Week!

    Also, Imogen and Eniko, 2 of the other newcomers are far from
    android like.


  3. A
    She’s already covered an interview with arlenis a few months ago.
    even then there are still 6 slots left.

  4. iris is unusual but still every day girl and that
    is why i adore her look.

    she takes such a great pictures.

    as i was doing a post i was reaserching about her, and she
    seemed to me that she is really down on earth.
    she is really simple and hard working, not
    justa s a model but as a person.

    at leat it seemed thatw way from the interview i have read.

  5. I love the sound and quality of her voice, the slight accent, but there’s something very… I can’t put my finger on it really, but I do love the kind of quiet strength and gentleness she seems to have… at least that’s just what I got from the couple of videos I’ve seen, can’t really personally judge. ;)

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