TOP 10 Newcomer SS09 (NY): Imogen

English belle Imogen brings to the market an effervescent personality, an unblemished beauty and a smash hit first season in NYC where she walked for the likes of Marc by Marc, Rodarte and Phillip Lim to position herself perfectly for a stand-out European season. The editorials are already beginning to bank up so expect the latest London sensation to surface not only in those directional catwalks but in those coveted magazines as well. In this video shot in the Supreme Mgmt studio in NYC, Imogen takes to the camera like the proverbial duck to water. She later confided to OTM that her initial ambition was to be an actress and you can see the evidence of a compelling charisma here.

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    i knew you would eventually get on the list!!

    heres wishin u an amazing season..

    and hoping for a prada exclusive!

  2. I like her and I don’t usually like white models!
    She’s so nice.
    Her voice sounds like Mischa Barton.

  3. She’s lovely… and as usual, she’s fun, unpretentious and completely genuine. I’m looking forward to seeing how far she will go – enjoy London Fashion Week, and I’m looking forward to Milan and Paris!

  4. This girl is the shit, I had the opportunity to work with her during fashion week, when she came in for her fitting we all just new she was gona be major, lovely girl cam with her mum, has it all together it seems. This girl is a star and will be the one of the next big things..

  5. “I like her and I don’t usually like white models!”

    Could you be anymore racist? Get a life.

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