Cole is Cool

Cole Mohr/Request Model Management NY. Photo: David Sims for V’s 50th issue.

Cole Mohr’s recent show season, walking for Prada, Burberry, Marc by Marc and his outstanding edits in V magazine and Arena Hommes International mark him as one of the most booked male models of the moment. And trust us that editorial run has converted very nicely into some killer campaign bookings. Stay tuned.

Photo: David Sims for V50.

Photo: David Sims for Arena Hommes International. Stylist: Joe McKenna

Photo: Terry Richardson for Hysterical Glamour

  1. Looks like any pubescent thirteen-year-old at the mall, but with and avant garde ‘do. Men are supposed to admire this? ‘Scuse me, gotta go. Mom’s been ironing my skirt and it’s ready.

  2. Cole’s exquisite looks has not only rightly landed him on the top of the fashion designers’ books, but dispelled the myth that men have to look overwhelmingly muscular to be considered masculine.

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