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Angus Munro for AM Casting (Los Angeles: Streeters Los Angeles, New York: Streeters New York) in between shows. Photos by Daron Bailey exclusively for

With an eye for raw talent and a wicked sense of humor, casting director Angus Munro is one of fashion’s true characters. Selecting the best beauties for top tier clients like Rick Owens, Ann Demeulemeester and Preen may seem like a glamorous task, but it takes dedication, sleepless nights and countless hours of preparation. Munro took MDC behind the scenes as he readied for Pringle of Scotland’s London fashion week show and opened up about what makes a model standout to him, along with how he got his start in the competitive casting arena.

Angus with the models backstage at the Pringle F/W 12 Show.

At a fitting with Alison Nix

Alison being prepped for Pringle

MDC: When did you begin in fashion / what made you want to get into casting?

Angus Munro: It was a bit of an accident actually, as I was just out of college and wondering what to do with myself. I was dating a model agent who thought that I had a good eye. A job came up and I started as director of new faces at Elite Premier in London, back in 1996. I eventually graduated to become the head booker. David Sims then gave me my chance to move into casting and I worked exclusively for him under a number of years. I started working on shows thanks to Katie Grand with whom I worked at Vuitton and Hugo Boss. The rest is history.

MDC: What makes a girl stand out to you?

Angus Munro: That’s a tough question as there is no secret formula. Although, I tend to be very traditional in my taste for models. That said; I love a modern beauty, a mixture of a strong bone structure and feline features being my current definition! However, contrived though it may sound, I just know when someone is special, quite often it is not the obvious girl that everyone is using. I am honestly somewhat baffled at the incredible girls that are overlooked by my peers in favour of what I see as really very ordinary and uninspiring faces. Over and above that, I try to put myself in the place of my client’s customer and edit the cabine accordingly.

MDC: Do you think there is a defining look this season?

Angus Munro: Not particularly, apart from an even greater propensity for height. Nearly all the designers that I work with have needed girls to be at least 5’10.5 to bring their collections to life. Apart from that, I do feel that the trend for a more aspirational beauty continues, which is satisfying for me as I feel that I have always championed this side of casting.

MDC: How has the business of casting changed since you started?

Angus Munro: The mechanics are the same obviously, but the importance of the casting director has grown exponentially. When looking at a show it is glaringly obvious to me who has really thought about a cohesive cast for that client. Just running out the same names for each designer is largely a thing of the past and that clearly demonstrates how my peers and I have become more integral to the process of showing (and therefore selling) a collection.

MDC: If there was one girl you could bring back to the runway, who would it be?

Angus Munro: Aww, such a difficult question! Bizarrely, probably my ex-wife, Trish Goff. She was incredibly versatile on the runway and had a really wonderfully unorthodox walk! Apart from that it’s got to be Christy Turlington or Amber Valetta.

MDC: What are some of the biggest challenges you face as a casting director?

Angus Munro: Time for one! There are just not enough hours in the day during the shows. This constraint is exacerbated by the schedules and, dare I say it, some teams not having a clear vision of what they want to do. Secondly, I would say being true to one’s opinion whilst listening to that of others. We have a large team and every member has valuable and fresh ideas… I have to remind myself to not be dictatorial in order to stay fluid.

Special thanks to Dawn and Kay at Notice LTD

  1. Angus is one of most important people in the business- He has the ability to create a new star as he is so well connected-forget Meisel, Testino,Katie Grand, Nuclear Wintour and all the model agents in New York, Angus can make a girls career faster than anyone else as he yields so much power. When the name ‘Angus’ (which is quite a unique name at that) is mentioned, EVERYONE takes notice as he has so much respect within the industry. He was married to a former Top Model and that says a lot. All the agencies from around the world beg for his advice and hang on his every word. Apart from being a very handsome man, Angus is a gentleman.
    The Model Industry need more people like Angus to keep it going.

  2. I agree Katherine, he is extremely talented in selecting the best models for each unique show. Glad he gets the credit he deserves. xx

  3. yeah Angus Munro! Indeed one of the best this industry has to offer, not only as a casting director but as an all around human! Much love!

  4. I totally agree!!!Bravo for this interview!!!!
    What i like is that he plays very silent.Total focus on his job!!!
    The others care more, to pose for the camera and make ‘stars’ of themselves…
    His power is beyond outstanding people!!! He is really a person to look up to for inspiration or life path…

  5. I saw Angus at Glastonbury in 98 and there was a problem with Oasis, Noel and Liam had an argument and Liam walked off stage. Angus was backstage with Kate Moss and Madonna and said “let me go on as I can fill in, I know the fans taste and I am sure that they will love me”. And with that Angus got on stage and started to sing ‘Role with It’ whilst playing Tambourine and the crowd went wild, chanting we want Angus, We want Angus!
    After the show/backstage everyone was feeling the love that Angus gave and I asked him a question. I said, Angus- how would you solve world hunger? I drew back on my cigarette ever so slowley and I replied- “Share”.

    Angus is such a visionary and to this day I heed his words.
    He also used to be a “Professional Race Car Driver/ Stuntman and MTV Host”.
    I think a Facebook fan page needs to be made in his honor.
    He is a great Scottish export!!! Angus Rules!!!

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