Casting Calls

Marina Nery is sitting pretty | Images Dag Bennstrom for

Fashion week castings are a rite of passage for new models and in NYC Andrew Weir‘s annual extravaganza at the Hudson Hotel, has become one of the places to see and be seen. Hundreds of models line up to strut their stuff for Andrew and his all star team, but there are almost as many news outlets as there are new faces. Everyone is on the lookout for the next big thing, a glimpse at latest star to emerge, or even a refined beauty from the past destined to be this year’s comeback story. MDC takes you behind the scenes of Weir’s big day for a peek at this season’s cast of characters.

Beautiful girls await their moment with Mr. Weir and his team.

So Young Kang & Hyoni Kang

Jeneil Williams

Alison Nix

Herieth Paul

You have to walk the walk…


Mina Cvetkovic

Marihenny Pasible

Ranya Mordanova


Ava Smith

Samira Carvalho

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