Emma Willis Gets Her Cake


Emma/Next Models NY. Image courtesy of Next NY

Now we know how Next has been keeping their pristine roster of models happy! With cover quality cake! Look at how luscious Emma Willis’ birthday cake looks right this minute. It’s almost as delicious to look at as Emma herself!

  1. no make up needed. I bet she’s stunning in person, nut not too much photogenic. She looks good at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show a few years back….I remember her and Rhea Durham…They married A-List Celebs….

  2. I am so happy for Emma and Bruce… Too bad NEXT didn’t book the job for them… Nice of them to buy her a cake anyway!

  3. happy for them.
    she is a natural beauty.

    that editorial was great.
    i dont kow who performed better.

    they are a great couple.

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