In Memoriam: Michael Ross

It is with deep sadness that Marilyn Agency announces the passing of one of its long-time employees, Michael Ross. Michael’s playful spirit and fashion expertise will be greatly missed by his friends, family and colleagues…
Details of his memorial service will be forthcoming.

I have known Michael since 1998 and enormously enjoyed working with him every single day. Michael was the nicest, most sensitive person, even if sometimes he could be hot tempered, he cooled down quickly. The entire Marilyn family, the models and the clients loved and respected his expertise and hard work. The fashion world was his playground and the models he worked with benefitted from his passion.

We love you, Michael. We miss you.
Marilyn Gauthier

From the beginning, Michael was a friend as well as an agent, who together with the whole Marilyn team made me believe that a modeling career could be possible for me. He was very realistic and always had great respect for my personal ambitions. I was very proud of his personal growth within the business upon my return to NY in 2008. I will always bring him along with me in my thoughts, with his light and almost child-like smile.”
Caroline Ribeiro

He was like my older brother. When I first arrived in New York, my English was poor, but he always conversed with me and patiently helped me with my enunciation. He was like my teacher, giving me much advice and reminders, so I could face my work in New York with ease. He was my friend, joking around with me on our days off, making funny faces for me, giving me joy. But now he has left us.

His cute mustache is still in the photos in my cellphone. His unique voice is still ringing in to my ears. The lessons he taught me still linger within my mind. Let us remember his name – Michael. May he continue to smile in heaven, and not have to answer so many phone calls, not be so busy. Instead, he can sit comfortably in heaven and watch a performance by the angels.

Rest in peace, my dearest Michael!”
Liu Wen

(In Chinese) 他像我的兄长,刚到纽约时,我的语言不好,他总是会跟我对话,耐心地修正我的发音。他也像我的老师,给过我很多建议和提醒,让我可以在纽约更从容地面对工作。他还是一个朋友,工作之余给我们讲笑话,扮鬼脸,带给我们快乐。可是他走了!他可爱的胡子还在我的手机相片里,他很有特色的声音还在耳边,他教过我的经验,还在我的脑海里。让我们一起记住他的名字-Michael,愿在天堂他依然可以微笑,不用再接那么多电话,不用那么忙碌,可以在天堂里坐下来看一场天使演的秀!
愿安息,我的 Michael!!
刘雯 Liu Wen

No one should leave this world so young, especially our dear Michael. An incredible person, filled with love, who never asked anything but to love, to help and to share his happiness with the world. We miss you terribly but know that you have now found your magnificent resting place. You will remain etched in our hearts forever… Rest in peace.
Constance Jablonski

(In French) Personne ne mérite de partir si jeune, encore moins notre cher Michael. Une personne incroyable, remplie d’amour, qui ne demandait qu’à aimer, aider et partager son bonheur avec le monde. Tu nous manques terriblement à tous mais nous savons que dans ce magnifique paradis maintenant tu te trouves. Tu resteras gravé dans nos coeurs à jamais… Repose en paix.”
Constance Jablonski

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