The Return Of Ana Claudia

Ana Claudia/ Ford Models Polaroids courtesy of Ford NY

Punters were buzzing as to how fantastic Ana Claudia looked on the catwalks of the last Sao Paolo Fashion Week. Now that buzz is starting to transmit in NY that the effortlessly cool Brazilian is being groomed for a return to the spotlight during the NY shows. That late 90’s, early Zeroes cycle of girls are really spinning full tilt no?

  1. She looked great during Sao Paolo fashion week, but the major markets are all about sickly thin, which she is not. She’s very ealthy looking thin, which may not be thin enough for a major comeback. Sad.

  2. It’s time to get over old supermodels and bring our own supermodels… COCO STAM SASHA HILARY DOUTZEN I could go on.


  4. Mariana Weikert? Women did NOTHING for her. She started at Ford who made her. She went to Women thinking it could raise her profile, but went back to Ford after realizing she had made a mistake. Morality tale: Don’t leave the agency who made you successful when there’s really no reason to do so. Often times it backfires.

  5. ana claudia michels is amazing hot and maria, isabeli fontana, adriana lima, gisele, alessandra…
    brazilian girls are SMOKING HOT
    long live brazil!!!!!!!

  6. Sunniva Stordahl, Emily Sandberg, and Audrey Marney were more late 1990’s models. Ana Claudia began to surface in Paris in the FW99/00 Vuitton show. After that, she really had it big by being on the January 2000 Cover of Vogue Italia and then quickly being “Valentino’s girl-of-the-moment” and one of Mario’s favorite girls. Ana Claudia looks the same as she did in her peak and is still thin enough to be a high fashion model; she just has more “cleavage” like Catherine McNeil. It is good to see Ana make a comeback. At one point she walked so many major shows for FW99/00, SS/00, and FW00/01, that British Vogue named her the “Queen of the Catwalk”. Sadly, by the SS/01 shows her career began to fizzle and by the time the FW/01 was in full swing the Belgian girls like Delfine Bafort, Hannelore, Annouck, Kim Peers, and An Oust had eclipsed her career, and as well as some of her compatriots. It is interesting that Raquel Zimmerman started around the same time as Ana Claudia, but Raquel was allowed to still be book for the major blue chip clients.

  7. Ótimo ter ela de volta, mas pq ela saiu do mundo da moda, sendo
    tão bonita e exótica?

    Great to have her back, but why she left the fashion’s world,
    being so beautiful and exotic?

  8. Ani,
    I think that, at least in my opinion, though Raquel is Brazilian,
    she reads more “European” and was able to fit in with those
    “edgy” Belgian girls like Hannelore, Kim, An, etc, better than
    Ana Claudia. Ana Claudia, from what I remember from editorials
    and shows was definitely a more classic-ly “sexy” vibe.
    Maybe it is the cleavage, but I think it’s more about the
    energy that one gives off. Not that Raquel and Catherine now
    are not sexy in their own way, Ana Claudia is very “Brazilian”
    to me.


  9. What about that whole Lachapelle brouhaha? He shot that story on the porn star Savannah with her, and many said it sank her career – way too racy. Although Gisele appeared in a similar story lensed by him around the same time (Arena I think), and it doesn’t seem to have impeded her ascension in any way

  10. Parabéns Ana Claudia Michels! legal saber que seu
    retorno foi triunfal aqui no Brasil, mas…não perca
    a sua simplicidade nunca ok!!! Bem vida ao mundo da moda.

  11. A muito tempo já aguardava a volta de Ana Cláudia uma modelo que transpira força, sensualidade e é claro muita força volta bombando as Russas que nos aguardem.
    Só para lembrar nós temos a força, Nº01 Raquel Zimmerman Nº02 Isabeli Fontana sem falar em Carol Trentini, Bruna Tenório, Daiane Conterato, Flávia Oliveira e a novata no models Aline Weber…
    Ana estamos te aguardando não nos decepcione.

  12. i love ana claudia but i love mariana weickert more…she deserves a comeback…great in pics,great walk…

  13. Great to have Her back on the Fashion market , she also falow
    down because of Her ex bf , one Hair stylist , He have Been with
    Her , just caze of Her Money she was so’ yong , Then He breack up
    with Her , and got a Bf ! He’s so stupid guy .
    She ‘s is Wonderful , and Great personality .

  14. bem, aqui no brasil eh facil pegar bons trabalho pois a Ana eh considerada uma grande modelo no brasil. espero q la fora ela faca o mesmo sucesso e pegue otimas campanha q eh oque importa. bjos Ana e boa sorte.

  15. is she a jedi ?
    the return ?! is it a sequel ?
    lets hope that the force will be with her…
    or we will have to call yoda to give her some spank !

  16. bring her back into editorials and back on covers now!

    ana claudia is just magnificent. no matter what preferences
    or requirements there are in the fashion world to be in the
    current spotlight, perfect beauty will always endure and be present.


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