Ford at Diesel for V


VMan pic courtesy of Ford Models.

Attention NYC area aspiring male models: Ford kicks off the VMan/Ford Models nationwide model search with their first search at Union Square’s Diesel store Wednesday and Thursday April 30, May 1st. OTM touched base last week with the team at Ford for their thoughts on this exciting event. See you there tomorrow!

1 – What is exciting to the Ford Men’s board about being part of the VMan model search? This contest is so exciting for us because VMan is such an amazing high end fashion magazine, and to have a few of the entrants and winner shot for the magazine and by Hedi Slimane, one of the most recognizable names in both design and photography is an unparalleled opportunity for both FORD Men and the eventual winner.

2. – The Ford network is already extensive. What is the target audience you hope to reach with the model search?
This search is most representative of our high fashion/image side of our business. It will be a valuable resource for potential editorial and image directed new faces. We are specifically looking for men between the ages of 16-25 years old. These new faces will potentially be the next “it” face(s) walking the runways of Milan, Paris, and New York in the coming seasons!

3. – There are so many great men’s agencies in NY. What do you think is unique about Ford from every other agency with regards to this model search?
Ford Models, Inc. is the most recognizable name in the fashion industry, and VMan is one of the best Men’s fashion magazines out today. It seems to make perfect sense that we would team up together! We are the innovators of the modeling industry and VMan has changed the face of men’s fashion since they began.

4. – What would the first week be like for the winner?
The winner will be shooting with Hedi Slimane, for the cover of VMan. The FORD men’s division will then decide the best move, which could mean many things. When we take a model on, we focus on his look and who the best and most appropriate clients will be for him to launch a great career. Until we know the winner, we cannot sculpt our plan of action, you will have to wait!

5. – So it’s right here in print on MODELS.COM, what do you want to see from the entries to the model search?
We want to see as many boys as possible; through our events with Diesel, for which dates and locations are posted below, between the ages of 16-25yrs old, between 5’11” and 6’3”, all ethnicities. We are always looking for great personalities!!! It is important that every contestant properly upload their images and fill out all the fields of information. If we cannot see you or find you, your chance for the cover and contract will simply not happen!!

  1. If you click where it says Ford/Vman it brings you to the page
    where you can register.
    Here it is again and we’ll put it in the story.


  2. I have been following the contest since it started and i entered online but I just wanted to know a couple of things

    1. What Happened to CK being the sponsor

    2. Are there going to be more than 3 finalist (the amount originally stated on the website) chosen since there is already twice the number of men in the online portion of the contest as there were women?

    3. If you already entered online should you go to the open call or do you still have the same chance as any of the guys who went to the open call (I can’t go because I live in Philly and I have a final on both days)?

  3. I had the same question as Danielle, so i called FORD and asked but they
    said that it’s an open call for men and women. so now I am confusing because initially i thought it wwas only for men, but when i called they said women could go. Now i am confused!!

  4. Sorry everyone… I did not know that Ford, being the
    longtime professionals that they are, are always prepared
    to see any girls that come along to these things…

    Same time for boys/girls tomorrow, Diesel store
    Union Square West, 4-8pm.


  5. I guess there’s no more info on how many finalist they are going to choose now that they have over 5000 guys in it, as well as word on if the guys who only applied online, still count in the contest?

  6. To John and Alphamale and everyone else:

    1-My contact at Ford had no idea why Diesel became the sponsor,
    sometimes decisions like this are made for different reasons,
    MAYBE they felt Diesel had more stores in all the cities they
    wanted to go to or was more appropriate to the contest,
    I’m not sure.

    2-While they are supposed to choose 3 finalists, if they feel
    that there are more great faces than 3, they can up the number
    to more than that.

    3-Obviously open call is great cause they can see you in person
    but if you can’t make it, then you can’t make it. The Ford
    judges are expert and professional in spotting from pictures if
    you have the look they want.

    Good luck

  7. Thanks for the info Betty. It provided a lot of insight into the changing atmosphere of the contest. I think I am going to stop speculating now and just let them handle their business.


  8. Thanks a lot Betty for the info. I checked the website and there are 2 conflicting dates. it says on the main page that the contest ends on May 17th but then it refutes that by saying may 31st in the rules can you find out the real end date?

  9. I will be attending the casting in San Francisco. Hope to see you all there. All be the tall, dark haired, blue eyed, tattoo’d guy there. ha.

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