Ford Models For Art’s Sake


Agnete/Ford Models. ph: mdc; special thanks to Matthew and Melissa at Ford.

Katie Ford and American artist Ross Bleckner hosted For Art’s Sake, marrying the fabulous worlds of modeling, fine art and charity. The sale of original artwork benefitted ACRIA, the Aids Community Research Initiative of America. 38 artists, including Marilyn Minter, Mario Sorrenti, Neckface and Terence Koh, contributed personal pieces created from the pool of Ford’s top models to make last night’s silent auction one of the most compelling and intriguing charity events of the past year. MDC caught up with the ardent supporters of the charity and talks to Matthew Hunt (creative director at Ford) about the whole idea of the night (see video below) which raised $125,000 in the span of a mere 2 hours. To purchase any of the artwork from past events, click here and start your art collection today! For more dish on the party, click here.

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IMG 8223
Agnete, lady in red, stands out at the Acria event. Love her “Agnete” necklace.
IMG 8225
Marilyn Minter, currently one of the featured Whitney artists for the Gap, with casting director/photographer Andrew Weir.
IMG 8229
The winsome Chris Galya/Ford.
IMG 8231
The effortlessly beautiful Valerie Boster from Vogue.

IMG 8235
Hartje/Ford is sleek.
IMG 8240
New faces Sigita and make my day, “Dei”
IMG 8245
Kathleen, Hyoni and Amelia, the next generation at Ford
IMG 8246
The legendary Carmen dell’Orifice, 77 years young!
IMG 8249
Ford’s Parker is a charmer.
IMG 8251
Andrew, Melissa and Mallory with 2 of Mr Weir’s gorgeous B+W prints
IMG 8254
The ebullient and effervescent Anna and Katia.
IMG 8264
Katie Ford with one of the strongest pieces at the auction
IMG 8267
Lily Cole (IMG, Storm) stops by in her summer finery
IMG 8271
The fabulous French find, Louisa is indeed as flawless in person.
IMG 8278
Artist Alex Daniel and 2 perfect profiles
IMG 8281
Ford’s stylish intern rocks the event
IMG 8283
Andrew Zuckerman’s 3 generations of Ford superstars, Carmen, Carol Alt and Agnete.
IMG 8284
Actor Leo Fitzpatrick and Paper Magazine’s Caroline Torum
IMG 8286
Bonnie Morrison of Men’s Vogue with’s Greg Kessler
IMG 8288
The beautiful and always gracious Jennifer Starr
IMG 8292
Designer DooRi and friend Eunis
IMG 8295
The non stop beauty of Flavia still stops us in our tracks to this day.
IMG 8298
Ford Men’s finest, Bryton Munn and Christian Brylle
IMG 8300
Andre Balazs supports the arts.
IMG 8304
Marilyn Minter originals
IMG 8312
Artist Martin Saar and his so right for summer paintings
IMG 8314
Page 28
IMG 8315
A silhouette of beauty
IMG 8324
Could it be Neckface? Could it be Betty?
IMG 8327
Paulo from Ford with his coveted Neckface original. He who would be Neckface (see previous pic) says that actually Flavia, DID stand him up… and twice!
IMG 8330
Post event, the list of generous artists


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