An Obsession

A still from the film featuring Katrin Thormann and David Kammenos | ph. Nicolas Wagner, featured in CRUSHfanzine Issue No. 2

Fashion films are more popular now than every before and the latest entry into the genre is a good example why. Director Sandro Suppnig‘s dreamy black and white film, ‘An Obsession’ features Katrin Thormann as an icy blonde temptress. Clad in designs from Maison des Talons, Lanvin and Veronique Leroy, she commands the attention of French actor, David Kammenos and makes for a fascinating muse. MDC caught up with Suppnig to talk a little bit about the project and the connection between film and fashion.

1. As a director, how do you feel that film and fashion are interrelated?

It seems that somehow film and fashion have always inspired one another – it is almost like a symbiosis not only in respect for fashion-films but also with big screen movies. Many times fashion trends emerge from strong looks in blockbusters that then inspire the designers. On the other hand current trends or those of a certain period, social class or ethnic group are often shown in a very stylized or exaggerated way in movies.

For fashion-films this correlation is even stronger as here it is really the fashion self that drives the story and the plot needs to evolve around it. While in regular films it is the script and the action that dictates the look, in fashion-films it is exactly the opposite. A certain number of looks usually has to be covered, sometimes with the focus on accessories, shoes or jewelry. To create a story, it needs to be written around those things to make sense. Think about it from that way: How do you pack 6 outfit changes in one minute film without making it look forced or evident?

2. What made you want to work with Katrin for this piece?

I worked with Katrin before on another project, where I showed a very different side of her. She completely trusted me and was very professional to work with. When “An Obsession” came up I thought of her again: She is a very classical beauty, elegant, with an understated cool sex-appeal. In combination with her film-partner, the fantastic David Kammenos they make an amazing couple, almost a re-interpretation of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin. You really can feel the tension in the film and Katrin completely turned it out: The cool blonde became a vamp!

3. As fashion moves beyond print, do you think that film will become the primary means of fashion storytelling?

I don’t think that this will happen in the near future. For now it is an additional medium for brands and magazines to bring their message across. The internet and blogger society is a great distribution platform for companies that a few years ago could have never been able to afford and distribute a motion piece. Thus advertising and shoot budgets might shift more towards motion.

But then who knows? I mean who would have thought only four years ago, that we would communicate, read, live-stream, order-in, book flights/tickets and god knows what else from a small touchscreen glass pad…