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The Japan earthquake has affected the lives of millions of people and though weeks have passed since disaster struck, support is needed now more than ever. Tao Okamoto has teamed with Save Japan! to host a charity bazaar on May 29th featuring fashion goods formerly owned by top models and industry insiders. The supermodel tells in her own words how you can help in this special letter.

by Tao Okamoto & Fashion Friends for SAVEJAPAN!

May 29th @ The basement of Saturdays Surf NYC
31 Crosby Street (corner Grand Street, in Soho)


Dear Friends,

It’s been 2 months since Japan was hit by the unprecedented disasters caused by earthquakes and tsunami.As you know, we have got so much support from all over the world for which we are deeply grateful.But sadly, people in affected areas are still living with fear of aftershocks, radiation, and the long-term economical impact while the international coverage of the incident has decreased drastically.

Reading about it everyday, I thought of the importance of continuous efforts to remember the incident and to do our small part.

That is why I decided to take an action myself and ask for your support.

I work with a team of Japanese people who work in and around the fashion industry in New York who have teamed up with “Save Japan!,” an organization that was set up after the earthquake as a social network platform for people in affected areas and have expanded its activities into charitable events and fund raising.

As our first project, we plan to host a charity bazaar that sell fashion goods previously owned by models and other people in the fashion industry.

You can help us in two ways:

1. Bring your fashion items to your agency before the deadline, May 27th, and sign your composite card.

We will collect the goods, put them on the rack with your composite cards and sell them (you don’t have to be in NY the day of the event)

2. If you are willing to commit some time of your time, stop by the bazaar and join our booth. People would love to see that you are supporting, It could be anywhere from 10 minutes to a few hours.

It can be either way or both. After a careful consideration, our team has decided to donate all the proceeds to Peace Winds Japan, which has been directly involved in recovery and reconstruction efforts in affected areas. You can donate as many items as you want, and your participation will be greatly appreciated regardless of the number of items.

For logistic reasons, will you please let us know by May 23rd if you can participate and how many items you can donate through your agencies. You can decide on the prices yourself, or you can leave it up to us. We can either pick up your items from your agencies (the week of May 23-27) or you can bring them to us at the flea market. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Tao Okamoto

Organizers of the event

Akari Endo-Gaut, Stylist

Yu Yamaguchi, Owner of Mountain Fold Gallery

Kimi Suzuki, Publicist

Yumiko Sakuma, Journalist

(Image courtesy of Tao for

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