British Fever

Milly and Matt

With every eye on London today for the royal wedding, the fascination for all things English reaches a fever pitch. We at OTM are always fans of the super cool British models, check out four who’ve caught our eye this past spring: real life couple Milly Simmonds/Matt Trethe (Select) and friends Tom Lander/Christian Von Pfeffer. See what they love about New York and who’s a big Liverpool football fan.

Milly and Matt

Christian and Tom

Christian and Tom

  1. @jake: I agree… weird somehow but still – looove the accent and the shape of her face :)

  2. @jake,

    obviously you are entitled to your opinions but remember that these are human beings with all the feelings that come with being one. i’m sure i can find something about you that is not attractive. just because these models choose to put themselves out there to be judged on their looks, it doesn’t make it right to get mean comments by internet commenters! it’s hard enough when the people in fashion are judging them. (not sure how your comment was let through)

    anyway, i think milly’s mouth is adorable! cute pouty lip that other would die for!


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