Agyness Immortalized


The Agyness Deyn Mannequin. Photo MDC, at the Rootstein Gallery/MAO PR event.

At the official unveiling of the Agyness Deyn mannequin at Rootstein, the gregarious model herself was nowhere to be found. We hear from her agents at DNA Models that she’s working on a movie project in Long Island which prevented her from attending last night’s fete. No matter, as many heavy hitters in the industry including execs from Grey Advertising, Bergdorf Goodman and Conde Nast went to check out the figure. Agyness joins other model notables who’ve had their features eternalized such as Twiggy, Pat Cleveland, Erin O’Connor, Jade Parfitt and Karen Mulder.


The Agyness Deyn Mannequin. Photo MDC

  1. cool! AGYNESS DEYN is just so fab that there’s a mannequin built depicting her! AGYNESS is my fav model of all time! I LOVE AGY! :)

  2. When I first saw Agyness, the caption below read, “face of the moment”, or something to that effect. “Yeah”, I thought, “somebody’s struggling with the meth, and trying to diminish this sister’s potential, not to mention the hypnotic effect that seemed to keep my eyes focused on every
    detail of the image. Oh yes…the deer in the headlights…yep, me.

    And it dawned on me, just when i thought I had seen it all. Here comes
    Agyness, a living reminder that there are still beautiful dreams to dream of in this world. I appreciate that… I do. dp

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