1. Well, this guy looks really pretty good. I saw him walking in Milano and he did a very good job. Perhaps he’s on a good way in having success with his calm vue and his naturally behaviour.
    I think, he is the man, who carries a lot of great characters in his face: kindness, satisfied with his life, open for new things to come, honesty, able in being motivated for new tasks. I think he colud yong man give an example for his way of coolness and indentity. Many others coul indentify with him, because he looks naturally, nomal, but also pretentious and clever. His sympatic auro makes him to a young man, who could be the best friend. That’s all qualities and attributes what makes a model to a top-model. Gratulation!

  2. Wow, I wish I could have the chance to know him. He looks soooooo good!
    When I look at his eyes …. Hiuuui, beautyful and …I feel, he makes me a little bit nervous and I’m gettin’ crazy, when I look at his face my heart is beating faster …(all the time, I cant’t stop looking at his eyes)!
    What’s his telephon number?

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