Top 10 Newcomer FW08: Kate


Kate Somers/Ford Models Comp Card courtesy of Ford NY

Graceful Kate Somers glided through New York in her first season and found herself in the spotlight for designers like Marc Jacobs , Phillip Lim and Vera Wang. But the real story on this former Ford Supermodel Of The Year runner-up is how fast she is racking up those coveted options in Europe. A new season , another must book Canadian star! Stay tuned.

  1. 2nd May 2008

    It is truly a delight that someone could discover a girl like Kate Somers who is so breathtakingly beautiful and tantalizingly thin. With her delicately slim proportions, along with her flawlessly smooth skin, Kate is the essence of elegance and perfection. With so much criticism these days over the thinner models, it is reassuring to see some designers stand up to this and continue to feature models who reflect the ambiance of thiness and loveliness. Remember Audrey Hepburn!

  2. It is really true, she is soo thin. Like Audrey Hepburn she
    could go thru a flute without creating a single tone.

    Like Audrey Hepburn, her thinnes is a part of her beauty.
    She is so graceful and lovely like no other model.

    I hope she will be very successful in the future in spite
    of all that criticism over super-thin models.

    And i hope she will keep her beautyful fragile bodyframe
    as long as possible.

  3. “Dana Lynne” is obviously a “Katiesfan” sock-puppet.


    Next time, try NOT writing identical chunks of text under the name “Katiesfan” on the forums, then using it almost verbatim on under a different name…then post a comment agreeing with yourself. Looks totally desperate – trying to manufacture a consensus like that.

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    Seriously – THERAPY. NOW. You’ll thank me later.

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