Louis Vuitton and The Starlets


Scarlett Johansson. Ph Corrine Day for Vogue UK. May 04
Enjoyed the supermodel boon of the last Louis Vuitton campaign? Well love it while you can because our spies report some very suspicious activity on the LV FW/O4 set. Seems like a bevy of Hollywood’s young and lovely have been sighted swanning to and fro. The leading suspects?(as of the time of this post still unverified)…Vogue UK’s current cover-girl Scarlett Johansson, the Queen of Cool, Chloe Sevigny, saucy Julia Stiles and even Mr Man Of The Moment…Colin Farrell. Maybe Colin was just along for “moral support”. In any case God bless Gucci and YSL for sticking with the Only Girl ideal. We could tell you more but you probably have it sussed out from OTM’s abundant web of clues and hints.

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