Extra ! Extra!

Andres/Q. Ph. Inez and Vinoodh for French Vogue
Stay tuned to that ever energetic Extra on your local station as it will be featuring a special segment on (ahem) Best Male Model abs. And these ladies and gentlemen, were the top choices.
Owen McKibbin (Men’s Health cover model, featured in Kathy
Bates photo in Vanity Fair.)
Andres Segura/Q Models – (Louis Vuitton,
Brioni, Exte, Banana Republic, L’ Oreal)
Chad Nittler/Major – (Ralph Lauren Polo underwear ads)
Peter DeVries/Q Models)- (Giorgio Armani, Armani Exchange , Emporio
Armani, Armani Jeans, Nautica Jeans, Gap, Dockers, Chaps – Ralph
Lauren, Polo – Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie and Fitch, Structure)
Jon Passavant/Major – (Estee Luder Intuition for men, Guess &
Ralph Jacob/Next– (Ralph Lauren Purple Label, Polo, Levi’s, Jockey)
Tyrone Lee/IMG – (Tommy)
Travis Fimmel/NY+ LA Models – (Calvin Klein)

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